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PRO-Cordillera: Home of the Most Disciplined Cops in the Philippines

Discover why PRO-Cordillera stands as the home of the most disciplined cops in the Philippines. Cultural values and commendable service highlighted.

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Discover why PRO-Cordillera proudly stands as the home of the most disciplined cops in the Philippines. Rooted in cultural values and commendable commitment.

The recent acclaim bestowed upon the Police Regional Office (PRO) Cordillera as the most disciplined Regional Police Office nationwide has sparked a surge of pride and admiration among Cordillerans, both within the region and abroad. This recognition, fueled by the outstanding results of the Community Evaluation Survey for the first quarter of 2019, serves as a resounding testament to the commendable performance and unwavering commitment of the PRO Cordillera.

Cordillera Super Cops: Satisfaction, Trust, Respect and Safety Rating

Unveiling "Inayan": A Cultural Pillar

The term "Inayan," deeply ingrained in the cultural tapestry of the Igorot people, signifies the act of holding back or preventing individuals from engaging in harmful actions towards others or the environment. This cultural principle, resilient in the face of modern globalization, empowers the Igorot people, specifically the Sagada and Besao Applai tribes, to uphold values of respect for nature, sustainable living, and harmonious coexistence with neighbors. Known as "lawa" to the Kankana-ey people in Benguet, this principle is a foundational element for the PRO Cordillera.

Police General GUILLERMO LORENZO T. ELEAZAR, Chief of the Philippine National Police, led the 120th Police Service Anniversary in a ceremony held at PROCOR Parade Ground, Camp Major Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet on August 16, 2021.

PNP Chief General Guillermo Eleazar's Laudation

A pivotal moment in the PRO Cordillera's journey was PNP Chief General Guillermo Eleazar's visit during the 120th Police Service Anniversary. In a resonant speech at Camp Bado Dangwa, La Trinidad, Benguet, Eleazar lauded the Cordilleran police for exemplifying the epitome of discipline and bravery.

He declared, "The Cordillera region is one of the major sources of PNP personnel in the country, and nobody can dispute that when it comes to bravery and dedication to service. PNP personnel from the Cordillera are the forces that we can rely on."

"Personal akong nagpapasalamat sa inyo dahil karamihan ng mga feature stories natin ng PNP good deeds ay galing dito. Ipagpatuloy natin ang tunay na diwa ng police service at samahan ninyo akong itaguyod ang integridad ng ating organisasyon," Eleazar added.

Expressing gratitude for the Cordilleran cops' exemplary deeds, Eleazar emphasized their pivotal role in shaping the positive narrative of the PNP. His call to continue upholding the true spirit of police service and preserving the integrity of the organization served as a rallying cry for the Cordilleran police.

Salute to all true blooded warriors from the North.

Long Live the Brave Men of the Cordilleras

In conclusion, the recognition of the Police Regional Office Cordillera as the most disciplined Regional Police Office is not merely a laurel but a testament to the harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Rooted in the cultural principle of "Inayan," the PRO Cordillera stands as a beacon of disciplined policing, earning accolades and admiration from the highest echelons of the Philippine National Police.

As we celebrate the brave men and women of the Cordilleras, this recognition reaffirms that cultural values can seamlessly coexist with the demands of contemporary law enforcement. The PRO Cordillera's journey, marked by discipline, dedication, and cultural pride, signifies not just an achievement but a model for policing that transcends boundaries. Long live the brave men of the Cordilleras, guardians of tradition and paragons of disciplined service.

Full blooded Igorot

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