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Baguio remains the most disciplined in the country amidst the ECQ

The Baguio LGU and its residents are commended for their discipline and respect for laws and regulations during the ECQ.

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The effectiveness of Distancing Discs in the designated areas of Baguio City Market | Photo: Baguio Midland Courier
The effectiveness of Distancing Discs in the designated areas of Baguio City Market Photo: Baguio Midland Courier

The City of Baguio is among the areas considered at high risk for the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), therefore part of the extended enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) until May 15.

Areas considered moderate and low risk are placed under a general community quarantine directive, which is a less stringent version of the former.

Baguio circles of life | Baguio Midland Courier
Baguio circles of life Baguio Midland Courier

While Metro Manila has seen cases of aggression and even death at the hands of the police, Baguio City has been demonstrating more medical solutions in response to the lethal pandemic.

As the number of positive cases in the country continue to heighten every day, Baguio has consequently been enforcing clever and creative solutions to deter the spread of the infection within the city.

Baguio circles of life | Baguio Midland Courier
Baguio circles of life Baguio Midland Courier

Recently, the city of Baguio has taken the initiative to place visual cues ("circles of life") on the road outside the public market to convey where to stand while queuing and to guarantee that their residents observe social distancing.

The circles of life, which were painted one meter apart from each other, demonstrated to be satisfactory as seen in the photos posted by the Midland Courier on their Facebook page.

“The Baguio City Police Office under its director, Col. Allen Rae Co, in coordination with the city government under Mayor Benjie Magalong, has turned creative by painting portions of roads leading to the public market to ensure that marketgoers observe physical distancing,” the caption read.  

The post went viral on social media with over 21 thousand reactions and has been shared 17 thousands times by the time of this writing.

Netizens are commending the city’s local government unit (LGU) for their use of creative solutions without the use of violence to uphold discipline.

“Baguio resident and locals are really organize. Abide every each rules to have a quiet and harmonuos community.,” Facebook user Diovelyn Borjal Andres Villena said.

Another Facebook user also said:

"Wow, Baguio City Police Office should be commended for such an amazing job. This is by far the MODEL that should be done in all municipalities in the country. Kudos to both the Police Office n the citizens for obediently following simple instructions. Congratulations to all of you. Job well done. You are SIMPLY THE BEST .Very very proud of you, folks!," - Gil Chan.

Baguio City Police Office also shared videos of the “effectiveness” of the social visual cues on its Facebook account. This was shared by the Public Information of Baguio City where the initiative was likewise showered with praises.

We are so proud of you Baguio LGU and residents! Continue being model city and citizens! God Bless you all! Stay safe.


  • Baguio Midland Courier for photos
  • Public Information Office - Baguio City

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