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9 Apayao Science High Students Shine at PH International Math Olympiad 2023

Apayao students shine bright at Philippine International Math Olympiad 2023, earning prestigious bronze medals and merit distinctions.

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Apayao's exceptional students illuminate the stage at the Philippine International Math Olympiad 2023, securing prestigious bronze medals and distinguished merit awards, showcasing their unwavering dedication and remarkable mathematical abilities.

In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, nine students from Apayao Science High School, hailing from the beautiful Cordillera region, have emerged as stars at the Philippine International Math Olympiad (PhIMO) 2023, showcasing their mathematical prowess and earning medals and awards.

Medals and Merit Awards Galore

Among the notable achievers, Adrian Agngarayngay (Secondary 1), Chloe Nirah Lactam (Secondary 3), and Quennie Heart Orbosis (Junior Secondary) have earned prestigious bronze medals. Their dedication to mathematics propelled them to this remarkable achievement.

Adrian Agngarayngay (L): Math brilliance rewarded with a bronze medal PhIMO 2023

Additionally, John Mark Baddo and Sahara Koph Labueng, both of Secondary 1, along with Jeanne Mariz Wamil of Secondary 2, earned merit distinctions. Their commitment to their studies and mathematical excellence earned them this recognition.

Chloe Nirah Lactam (M) shines bright with a bronze medal PhIMO 2023

Frances Seah Filog of Secondary 3, Kyanjin Cabralda, and Owen Earl Menor, both of Senior Secondary, also received well-deserved merit accolades. These students demonstrated their exceptional mathematical abilities on a global stage.

PhIMO 2023: Quennie Heart Orbosis' remarkable bronze achievement

A Bright Triumph for Apayao

The students from Apayao Science High School, a proud institution in Apayao, have brought honor to their community by excelling in the PhIMO 2023 competition. Their exceptional performance highlights the significance of education and hard work.

Mayor Evelyn Martinez, recognizing their achievements, congratulated the students. She also extended her heartfelt encouragement to the young people of Santa Marcela, urging them to excel in their studies and bring honor not only to their families but also to the province of Apayao.

Mayor Martinez emphasized the importance of education, stating, "kadakayo nga estudyante tayo, ti success yo ket success met laeng ti lugar yo ken pamilya yo. Dakkel ti maitulong yo babaen ti nasayaat nga panagadal ken panang-ited yo ti inspirasyon iti pada yo nga estudiantes." She hopes that more students from the town of Santa Marcela will follow the path of excellence set by students like Adrian.

A Global Platform for Excellence

The PhIMO 2023 competition, hosted in Davao City, Philippines from September 22 to 25, is renowned for its sophistication and serves as a platform to honor learners with extraordinary mathematical abilities. It not only provides a friendly battleground for these young minds but also fosters cultural exchange among participants from various countries.

A Testament to Dedication and Practice

The achievements of these Apayao Science High School students serve as a testament to their dedication and relentless practice. They have showcased their brilliance in solving mathematical problems and have made their community and school proud.

The medals and awards attained by these budding mathematicians would not have been possible without the guidance and support of their dedicated coaches: Daine D. Gamiao, Jenny Ann B. Molina, and Noble Marissa C. Domingo.

Congratulations to these remarkable students and their coaches for their outstanding achievements. Their success serves as an inspiration to all aspiring young minds, proving that with determination and hard work, they can shine on a national stage and inspire others to reach for academic excellence.

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