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Aditya Khurana crowned in Cordillera as the Man of the World 2022, 4th Edition

Aditya Khurana of India victoriously wore the crown on June 18, 2022, held at Baguio Convention Center

Mr. India as he dominated the stage for his first walk as the Man of the World 2022 (Sine Cordillera)

The journey to the mountains of the unknown going on the quest of becoming known. After a set of sleepless, exhausting, and unending travels of the Man of the World delegates 2022, they have finally concluded the event with a crowned king.

With the theme "Preservation of Tourism, Appreciation of Culture, Preservation of Heritage", Aditya Khurana victoriously wore the crown on June 18, 2022, held at Baguio Convention Center. Other awards include, best in Resort's Wear Bronze, Ray Casa Ambassador, and Sine Cordillera Films Ambassador.

Jinkyu kim, MOTW 2019 passing the crown to Mr. India (Sine Cordillera)

As one of the advocacies of this male pageantry is to promote not only the theme but also the passion of why these delegates took the risk in battling to win the crown- Masculinity with responsibility.

"...I am really trying to be a bridge between the government and our people. Because our people basically don't know the resources that the government is providing. So once they know, they can use it really wisely. Let's hope for the best and the journey never ends..." - Aditya Khurana, India

HIs advocacy during the Advocacy Presentation at Okada, Manila

Aditya Khurana is an Indian Actor, singer, model, and beauty king until he represented his country in the Man of the World 2022 competing with 21 delegates in Cordillera, Philippines.

Mr. India's winning answer during the Question and Answer portion twisted by a quote explanation (Sine Cordillera)

Meanwhile, his four royal courts were the following: 1st Runner Up- Vladimir Grand, Ukraine 2nd Runner Up- Nadim Elzein, Philippines 3rd Runner Up- Tjardo Vollema, Netherlands 4rth Runner Up- Nguyen Huu Anh, Vietnam

From left to right- Mr. Netherlands, Mr. Ukraine, Mr. India, Mr. Philippines, Mr. Vietnam

The MOTW winners will continue to succeed in the charity among the six (6) provinces of Benguet- Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Mountain Province to continue their advocacy.

As the event promotes the richness and beauty of Cordillera, where it reflects the wealth of its culture and the land, also proves that Mr. India conquers himself to be the Man of the World 2022, 4rth Edition. It is by then that we wear the pride that Cordillera enlives to be the conquerors of beauty, charisma, brains, and charity.

Grace Bilag Pedro / Sine Cordillera

Sine Cordillera is especially launched by Be Unrivaled Productions. To unleash the Talent of aspiring and promising talents here in Cordillera.

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