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Baguio Doctor reveals self to help in contact tracing

Dr. Elizabeth Macliing-Solang, 61, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, visiting consultant at BGHMC and in other private hospitals in Baguio City.

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Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center physician who tested positive of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) took to heart Mayor Benjamin Magalong's call to selflessness.

Dr. Elizabeth Solang narrates her experience thus:

I am Dr. Elizabeth Macliing-Solang, 61, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, visiting consultant at BGHMC and in other private hospitals in Baguio City.

I had a swab done at the infectious disease building of the BGHMC last April 24, 2020 and confirmed positive results were released April 26, 2020.

I am asymptomatic – no fever, no cough, no colds, no diarrhea.

My three children and daughter-in-law are doctors at BGHMC. My son-in-law is a cardiology fellow at the Philippine Heart Center. We are all frontline healthcare workers so at the start of the COVID situation, I instituted strict protocols for any of us coming inside the house. All outside clothes and items were left outside the house and immediate showers were taken. All my grandchildren and household members were trained to do regular and proper hand washing/hand hygiene. Surfaces were also disinfected regularly.

In my private practice, all patients went through triage, and I refused to attend to patients from outside Baguio. Guidelines prescribed by the hospitals and organizations were followed. I only attended to emergency procedures and precautions were followed. PPE was worn during all hospital procedures. My private clinic has been closed since the lockdown and consults were made only thru text and messenger.

Since this was a crisis, I collaborated with a local businesswoman who had access to fabric and weavers to distribute PPEs to the hospitals in need. We facilitated the permits to acquire and transport the fabric(which were fortunately donated).

I did not fit into the guidelines for testing in March and early April as testing prioritized symptomatic patients and other frontliners. My children were having their routine tests. And on April 24 I went to the testing center and requested on having the swab. I was asked for symptoms, I had none. But had risk factors and fortunately the test was done. I was categorized though as Priority 3 of the the Expanded Testing Guidelines of the DOH.

I’m now admitted at the infectious diseases building of the BGHMC. I am on antivirals, antibiotics and vitamins. My chest xray and Ct scan results are normal. Our place in Sto Nino, Central Bakakeng is locked out. All my children and daughter-in-law will be quarantined for 14 days.

I urge all those who I have come in contact with the past month to observe precautions and follow protocol. A diary of my daily activities will be submitted to the city health office/ PNP/ Baguio city to facilitate contact tracing.


Get well soon, Doc Elizabeth!

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