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"For me, just like the art and the stories that I'm trying to preserve, it's my roots that I'm trying to preserve. If none of us would come back here, then we would lose our roots from Baguio City. I don't want that to disappear." - Eros Gamueda

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I am the shapers of culture, the workers for change the dreamers of dreams.
Culture bearer.

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Ollasic, Guyao, Guiwanas and Balinte

Four Kalinga maingor (warriors) photographed at the Baguio Carnival and Exposition of 1949.

All of these Kalinga men fought during the Japanese occupation and were photographed in their best durao (headdress) and baag (loincloth) for the Exposition.

Their tattoos (batek), which were badges of honor back home, were a big draw since most visitors had never seen tattooed warriors with spears (balbeg) before.

#Ollasic #Guyao #Guiwanas #Balinte #Kalinga #maingor #Baguio #1949expo #durao #batek #baag #balbeg

Ollasic, Guyao, Guiwanas & Balinte
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1896 illustration of Igorot tattoo patterns which are records of war exploits and status.

Wikimedia photo.

#Igorot #tattoo #patterns

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Igorot PHILHEALTH Official: "It is against our Inayan-Culture (in Cordillera) to steal from the poor".

This is the resignation letter of Atty. Thorrsson Keith to the president of PHILHEALTH due to alleged rampant corruption.

Saludo kenka, ATTY. Matago-tago ka!

Credit: The Supply Sergeant PH

#Igorot #PHILHEALTH #inayan #culture #Cordillera

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Igorot film "Tokwifi" makes it to Bangkok ASEAN filmfest

Carla Pulido Ocampo's "Tokwifi" or "Star," and four other PH Films will vie against 12 entries from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar for the Short.

Tokwifi is inspired by a Bontok Igorot folklore.

Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2020, organized by Thailand's Ministry of Culture, aims to promote the film of Southeast Asia to acquire a more prominent status in the international film community and to foster a co-operation between the regional film industry and other film industries around the world.

The 6th edition of the festival will take place from Sept. 3 to 6.

#Tokwifi #Bontok #Igorot #film

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