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Barlig Eagle Statue: Where Culture and Conservation Soar in Mountain Province

Barlig's Eagle Statue isn't just a panorama; it's a cultural and conservation symbol. Explore its stories and immerse yourself in the Barlig spirit.

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More than a statue, the Barlig Eagle is a symbol soaring above the Cordillera. Uncover its story and the Barlig people's unwavering love for their land. Photo: Dong Torogi

Discover Barlig's Eagle's Viewpoint, a cultural and conservation hub nestled in the heart of the Cordillera region, Philippines. The Barlig Eagle stands as a symbol of indigenous culture, wildlife preservation, and the resilience of Barlig's rainforests.

Join us on this journey to unveil the profound connection between the Barlig Eagle and the vibrant tapestry of Barlig's environment. This expedition provides glimpses into a culture profoundly dedicated to preserving wildlife, where every view mirrors the enduring spirit of Barlig.

Discover the Barlig Eagle, a symbol of hope in the Philippines. Explore its cultural & conservation significance, breathtaking views, and the Barlig people's enduring spirit.

Barlig's Eagle's Viewpoint: Nature's Grand Stage

Embark on a road that winds through lush rainforests in Barlig, Mountain Province, leading to the strategically located Eagle's Viewpoint. This unique setting not only treats you to panoramic mountain views and dense forests but also unveils the monumental Eagle statue.

As you navigate the winding road, the landscape unfolds, revealing a dramatic ridge adorned with a colossal statue of the Philippine Eagle. Positioned on the border of barangay Lias Silangan and barangay Chupac in Barlig, this monumental structure graces the land at an elevation surpassing 1800 meters above sea level.

Just a few meters from the national highway, this vantage point provides an unrivaled view of tropical rainforests spanning both barangays, extending to the distant mountains of Kalinga and Ifugao. These pristine forests stand as rare remnants in a country where logging, mining, and commercial agriculture have claimed most old-growth expanses.

Embark on a revitalizing trek to Barlig's Eagle Viewpoint. Witness breathtaking panoramas, learn about the Barlig people's rich heritage, and contribute to the conservation of this vital ecosystem in the Cordillera region. Photo: Dong Torogi

Barlig's Eagle Statue: Resilience in Progress

Unravel the story behind Barlig's Eagle statue construction-a tale of determination and resilience. Despite facing challenges, recent efforts have injected life into this unfinished masterpiece, transforming it into a symbol of hope for conservation.

The construction began with the vision of creating a lasting emblem showcasing Barlig's commitment to environmental preservation. Financial challenges led to a temporary standstill, but new advocates have reignited the project, adding the much-needed head and wings. While not fully complete, the Eagle statue has already become a popular attraction on social media.

Beyond its visual appeal, the statue stands as a testament to Barlig's dedication to conservation. Each step towards completion symbolizes a collective effort to revive and sustain the natural beauty surrounding it.

Barlig Eagle: Guardian of Cultural Heritage

Dive into the cultural and historical significance woven into the fabric of the Barlig Eagle. This iconic statue is more than a structure; it's a living testament to Barlig's indigenous heritage. Uncover its story and how it intertwines with the history of the local community.

The Barlig Eagle goes beyond being a sculpture; it stands as a guardian of cultural heritage, echoing the traditions and values of the indigenous people. Its presence serves as a reminder of the deep-rooted history cherished by Barlig.

As you explore the area around the Eagle, unravel the layers of significance it holds for the community. Beyond its visual appeal, the statue becomes a beacon of hope for the rainforests of Barlig, symbolizing a commitment to their preservation and sustainability.

Conservation in Action: Liberating the Lawi

Delve into proactive conservation initiatives centered around the release of a juvenile eagle in Barlig. A key figure in this endeavor is Romeo Cofin, whose significant contribution confirms the existence of the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle, adding depth to Barlig's crucial role in national wildlife preservation.

Several years ago, the release of a juvenile eagle marked a pivotal moment in Barlig's commitment to conservation. Led by Romeo Cofin, former barangay captain of Lias Silangan, this initiative aimed not only to preserve local wildlife but also to contribute to broader national efforts in protecting endangered species.

Cofin's contribution goes beyond the release; he played a vital role in confirming the existence of the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle, locally known as Lawi. His submission of sample feathers and bone fragments to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources shattered the misconception that these eagles were exclusive to Mindanao.

In a country where critically endangered species are dwindling, protecting the eagles in Barlig takes on significant importance. Proactive steps, led by individuals like Cofin, call for urgency in documenting and safeguarding these majestic creatures before they face extinction.

December 21, 2022, marked a triumphant moment for Barlig-the grand inauguration of the Eagle Structure, a symbol of collaborative efforts and hope for the future. LGU Barlig

Triumph and Vision: Barlig Eagle Structure Inauguration

December 21, 2022, marked a triumphant moment for Barlig-the grand inauguration of the Eagle Structure, a symbol of collaborative efforts and hope for the future.

Located at Mount Mauwey, Barlig, the ceremony brought together provincial, municipal, and barangay officials in a unified celebration amidst the conflict area between barangays Lias and Chupac.

Catholic priests Fr. Andrew Claver and Fr. Tom blessed the structure, integrating it into Barlig's cultural narrative. Governor Bonifacio Lacwasan, Jr., recognizing Barlig's tourism potential, emphasized its beauty and comparable attractions to other provinces.

The governor's vision extends beyond the physical structure, aiming for a future where tourism and collaboration thrive. The Eagle Structure stands as a tangible symbol of this strategic approach, aligning with sustainable practices.

As the structure transitions to municipal ownership, discussions among officials address future considerations, emphasizing cooperation for operation and maintenance. Board Members

Ezra Gomez, Joshua Fronda, and Ricardo Masidong highlighted the synergy between legislative and executive bodies during the grand inauguration.

Practical steps, including constructing facilities and installing essential infrastructure, underscore a commitment to the governor's comprehensive vision. Governor Lacwasan, Jr.'s foresight encapsulates a collective effort to nurture collaboration, sustain tourism, and preserve Barlig's cultural heritage, making the Eagle Structure a beacon of triumph and future possibilities.

Preserving Heritage: A Call to Action

In the heart of Barlig, where the Eagle Structure proudly stands, a call echoes through the lush rainforests and resonates with the community. The Barlig Eagle, a symbol of cultural heritage and environmental resilience, invites individuals to become stewards of their own legacy.

As visitors marvel at the monumental structure, the call to action transcends admiration. It's an invitation, a plea even, to actively participate in preserving Barlig's rich cultural tapestry and the fragile beauty of its rainforests.

Each step taken around the Eagle is not merely a stroll; it's a pledge to uphold indigenous traditions and safeguard the natural wonders that cradle this majestic statue. The call resonates with the belief that every individual, whether local or visitor, plays a crucial role in ensuring that Barlig's heritage endures through generations.

In this call to action, there's a shared responsibility-a shared commitment to conservation, sustainable tourism, and the vibrant cultural identity of Barlig. For it's not merely a statue; it's a living testament to a community's dedication to preserving its heritage, and it's an open invitation for all to join this noble cause.


In the heart of Barlig's vibrant rainforests, the Eagle Structure proudly stands-a testament to culture, nature, and shared determination. As we wrap up this exploration, the Eagle invites everyone to discover the wonders of Barlig's Eagle's Viewpoint.

Beyond a mere symbol, this statue narrates a community's commitment to preserving its heritage and the environment. The call to action echoes loud and clear-become part of the ongoing conservation story, witness Barlig's marvels, and contribute to the legacy embodied by the Eagle Structure. Step into a realm where culture intersects with nature, and let Barlig's tale unfold.

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