Kris Adam T. Santos is the youngest among three siblings, A Cordilleran of Igorot Ancestral descent and heritage, born in Yokohama Japan, raised by US Military Parents and grew up around the world, youngest of three in photos are w/ Kuya Genesis his older brother a USAF CPT and Sis Ate Gem Gem who works for the US Department of Defense as a fulltime Teacher for the DODEA. Kris was the first to Graduate w/ Double Concentration in Masters, Archives and Library Science with LIU High Honors Society at University of Long Island NY (LIU) (Archives& MLIS), Kris currently works as a full time Archivist and Professor in New York Dalton University in Brooklyn. His "Ultimate Goal" will be to become the first "Cordilleran Archivist and Curator" for the USA Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Lived and rented a tiny small tight apartment room in one of NY's underground apartments where busy by-passers and never ending traffic and yet to him was expectedly all part of his jigsaw journey.

His then favorite meal of the day was the famous Cart Street Fast Food called "The Halal Guys" Chicken Rice out of 6th Avenue & West 53rd street corner in downtown NY

One of Kris' formidable challenges as a Professor was his 4 years of teaching experience at a prestigious all school girls in Brearley College at 83rd St. in Downtown NY.

Among his students were daughters of famous Hollywood actor Robert De Nero and legendary comedian Steve Martin along with the daughter of Star ET Actress Drew Barrymore.

Kris is in the process of writing his first authored Book which hopefully launches in the near future.

He, all the time asks my wife & I why wasn't he named in Japanese after being born in US Naval Hospital, in Yokohama, Yokosuka Japan? We simply said because he's a Cordilleran.

Single, Loner type & very quiet individual, He loves to cook Italian food during family reunions

Congrats & Bravo Zulu Son! Your mom & I are so grateful and thankful to God and we're all very proud of your sacrifices & long Journey. Please Stay focus, never falter or blink in your dreams that
will surely come into fruition. "Smooth Sailing, Fair Winds and Following Seas!"

Pops and mom