Began with the assault on the Japanese Line at Bitalag, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, by the United States Army Forces in the Philippines, North Luzon(USAFIP,NL), 8 January 1945, followed by the seizure of enemy strongholds along highway 4 and the defeat of the Japanese defenders of the pass, 14 June 1945.

The battle spearheaded by the 121st infantry, USAFIP, NL, was conceded by American military authorities as "One of the most terrible and incredibly difficult battle of the entire war". Hastened the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces under General Tomoyuki Yamashita.

This monument is erected in honor of the 3,400 men killed and wounded who fought gallantly for freedom and peace.

Philippine Army Units
11th Infantry, USAFIP, NL
14th Infantry, USAFIP, NL
15th Infantry, USAFIP, NL
66th Infantry, USAFIP, NL
121st Infantry, USAFIP, NL
Field Artillery BN, USAFIP, NL
Engineer Combat BN, USAFIP, NL
Military Police BN, USAFIP, NL
Quartermaster BN, USAFIP, NL
Replacement and Casualty BN, USAFIP, NL

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