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These are my top 24 best Igorot songs (Kankana-ey & Ibaloi) compilation.

Title of the song and the Artist:
Layad- Fr.Mario Tambic
Into Pay Dadin Agew-Mr. Jomar Kupido
Ekakanas-Mr. Richard Ligmayo
Eskwelaan- Mr. Jason Blaza
Laylaydek Sik-a- Mr. Hardy Caligtan
Kaman Nina-Ivan Rufino(Kabunian Band)
Bain Ko-Mr. Jomar Kupido
Sabong Shi Bahong-Mr.Cesar Pasiw
Pangaasim- Mr.Greg Daganos
Udan- Mr.Ivan Rufino(Kabunian Band)
Egtayo Panshanagan-Mr.Listo Langbis
Semek- Fr.Mario Tambic
Sakripisyo-Mr.Jefferson Anton
Baro ay Desidido-Mr.Moiner Jose
Adik Malinglingan-Mr.Mark Mendoza
Salamat Ta Wara Ha-Ms.Christine Maye Wagner
Begew en Sik-a-Ms.Lorna Isang
Baro ay Gardenero-Mr.Sendong
Naeyak Ading- Mr.Moiner Jose
Tet-ewa ay Layad-Ms.Rizelle Soliba
Sissiwit-Simple Tone Kalinga
Tulagen Ta's Padi- Mr.Joery Pocte
Sik-a Kod di Mangibaga-Mr. Jefferson Anton

#IgorotSongs #IgorotCountrySounds #Kankanaey #Ibaloi

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Ibaloi PNP-SAF given exemplary award during PNP's 116th anniversary

An Ibaloi cop who is the commanding officer of the PNP-SAF deployed in Marawi was among the special awardees who were given recognition during the 116th Philippine National Police Service Awards in Camp Crame on August 8.

Police Supt. Lambert Suerte, who is the current commanding officer of the PNP-SAF Rapid Deployment Battalion received the award together with four other SAF commandos from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Suerte received the award for his exemplary performance in the ongoing battle in Marawi City where ISIS-inspired Maute members had occupied.

"A special award is presented to Police Supt. Lambert A. Suerte, Special Action Force, for his exemplary performance on law enforcement that led in the successful conduct of offensive clearing and counter-sniper operations in Marawi City that prevented further acts of terrorism," Suerte's citation read.

Suerte is a proud son of Bokod, Benguet and served the Cordillera region before he was called by PNP-SAF Director Benjamin Lusad because of his vast experience in police operations, reports Baguio Midland Courier.

Back in 2014, Suerte was also given recognition for his service by President Aquino. He was given the Leadership Award, which is the highest award the province of Benguet confers to its outstanding sons and daughter, who has made difference to peoples' lives.

#ibaloi #saf

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How to say "I Love You" in Ibaloi/Ibaloy?

I thought it was "Pipiyan taka" / "Pipiyan Taha"? What does "Anshemek ta ka" mean? "Ashemek"? How about "ensemek"?

What's the difference of the words "Ibaloi" and "Ibaloy"?

Update: Enmesek daw dapat. Pipiyan means "like". ok ok

#Ibaloi #Ibaloy #pipiyan #ashemek #ensemek #ILoveYou

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When trying to find someone to connect with. . . .looks like I'm gonna add/follow them all. Nyah ket pada nga Igorot but then.......


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A hundred years old Ibaloi elderly woman manually grinds her harvest, the famous Cordillera strong coffee. #Ibaloi #woman #Cordillera #coffee

A hundred years old Ibaloi elderly woman manually grinds her harvest, the famous Cordillera strong coffee. Photo by Saniboy Pacursa
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Eighteen-year old Gerard Felipe, a 2nd dan black belt, who traces his roots in Tublay, Benguet currently placed fifth in the 16 to 18 boys division of the 2017 Japan Karate Association Junior Karate Championships held in Limerick, Ireland last August.

This is the second time Felipe joined the prestigious international championship of JKA after also placing fifth in the JKA 2014 World Karate Championships.

"I am really proud to have fought as an Ibaloy," he said. The 12th grade student is the proud son of Edralin and Jacqueline of Acop, Tublay.

#Ibaloi #Tublay #Benguet #Filipe #karate #chamption

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