The building is old but for me, it's now a landmark.
This is the first and only Catholic Church in Balakbak #Kapangan #Benguet that I have known. It has survived four (and counting) generations of my lifetime.
I have long realized that there are remarkable places, structures and cultural traditions in my hometown that I took for granted during my childhood. Recently, a lot of them are in decline and have sadly succumbed to changes brought about by development, modernization, climate change and inevitably, the ageing process. Nowadays, whenever I get the chance, I savour the time spent with my elders and listen more attentively to their life stories. I take photos of anything which will remind me of my roots. I take a walk and venture further and yes, I've discovered that there is a lot more to see! These are my own little ways of holding on and of keeping remembrances of where I come from and of who I am. I feel I am doing something before everything vanishes away. #Kankanaey #culture #Tradition