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Wow! A two-year-old Philippine Serpent Eagle was found and turned over by farmers to businessman Gaspar Leung and later surrendered to Mt. Data National Park (MDNP) Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) Marilou Bayagen and Forester Denver Atompag in Buguias, Benguet.

The eagle was later turned over to the Conservation and Development Division of DENR-CAR for custody and proper assessment.

Isu gayam nga awanen ijay manokan. Nabayagen piman ijay nanagyan e. Karne manok kankanen na.

#SerpentEagle #Buguias #MtData
(Photo by Nortemia Jarligao)

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A WALL OF VALOR at the Baguio Veterans Park lists the names of Filipino soldiers and guerrillas who resisted the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945, including these war veterans in this stock photo.

Credit: VINCENT CABREZA/Inquirer

#WallOfValor #Baguio #veterans #WW2 #soldiers

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The Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB) declared a 64-hectare (ha) Minahang Bayan (Mining Town) in this mineral-rich town to be operated by a pocket mining group.

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Meet Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu, his Igorot name)

From a small village called Bayyo in Bontoc Mountain Province, now 70 yrs. Old, married, but his wife left him 30 yrs ago. Met a man in Canada, and never came back. Now he is on his own, no parents, all his siblings are gone too.

He tends a public toilet which is clean, and lives through tips by people who pose with him for a photo.

Life is truly colorful, it has stories that will really break your heart. There is nothing certain in this world. But in God, everything is sure, and Yes and Amen. Even if all things fail , God will never ever fail. Left him with a reasonable tip and we took with us his friendly happy smile.

Credit: Noemi Del Rosario

#Feliciano #Bayyo #Bontoc #MountainProvince #Lutno

Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu)
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The Supreme Court on Wednesday made permanent the halt order against the cutting and earth-balling of trees on Luneta Hill in Baguio City, the area for the expansion of a shopping mall.

In 2015, the SC issued a temporary restraining order that prohibited SM Baguio from cutting of 182 pine and alnus trees. This was after the Department of Environment and Natural Resources allowed the cutting of trees.

#Baguio #Luneta #trees

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