Did you know that every US Armed Service Agency (USCG, US Army, USAF, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Army National Guard/ANG and the US Air National Guard) have or at least employs one or more FILAM Igorot Enlisted/Officers onboard? But not too often we see
Igorots, it's a Needle in a Haystack, there aren't one too many, although, this particular Photo taken, during an All Officers USAF Brig. General Ryder in and out briefs at the Joint Base San Antonio JBSA MedicalTeam USAF 959th Group at BAMC, Fort Sam, in Texas USA

A Baguio Pines University Nursing Graduate USAF CAPTAIN Genesis Karlo T. Santos (Igorot) Stood firm, took credit upon himself as the representative & as True Blue Baguio Boy Cordilleran. Kudos and Bravo Zulu Capt Gen! (Seated in photo:all the way down to the left side)