Former Shine boy, mango & turon seller, Car wash & Conboy in Magsaysay is a true-blue cordilleran with Igorot connections, customs, and culture, A graduate of Class '77 BCHS and a bona fide is Plank Owner of the First United States Navy proved Maritime Civil Affairs Group (MCAG) in Pacific and Atlantic Annex

MCAG is a Unit of the United States Navy (USN) found at Little Creek, Virginia Beach, VA, it is the USN's Expeditionary Force & Amphibious Command Group that specializes in supporting the Civil Affairs Operations in the Maritime Domain.

Its Primary Mission is to conduct civil affairs operations in support of Naval and Joint Military Operations, including humanitarian aid, disaster response, and building partnerships with foreign nations.

US Navy Logistics Chief Santos was proud to retire colors as the first Filipino (Baguio Benguet Boy) Plank Owner of the Unit under the Command Leadership of Retired Admiral Schwingshackel, 4 Star USN

Chief Santos was key instrument in the vital and successful Mission and Collaboration with other U.S. Military Branches, Government Agencies, and International Organizations within the Pacific and Atlantic Area of Responsibility (AOR).

A "Plank owner" is a term used by the US Navy to list a member of the ship's or unit's original crew, and one who served on the ship from its commissioning to its first deployment.

It is the Navy's way of recognizing those who initially were part of the team that puts a new unit or ship into service.

It is the concept that these Sailors are like the Planks of a Ship's Deck - they form the keel or foundation of the vessel and are present from the very beginning.

Being a plank owner is an honor and a badge of pride, which means that the Chief was a part of the team that brought the Maritime Civil Affairs Group (MCAG) to life and set its course for future missions' success.

Chief Santos is a proud Cordilleran with Igorot culture and was a founding member who helped lay the groundwork for what the U.S. Navy's First Civil Maritime Affairs Group for the future or next generations to come.

Proud Cordilleran Baguio boy misses the food and coffee at old Jack's, Luisa's, Star Cafe and Dainty restaurants, He says that it is disappointing that such eateries in Baguio barely exist!

Chief Santos' favorite bread were the ones found at Dainty and Star Café that to this day remains his favorites , They are the cinnamon rolls and hard as a rock pan de Vienna stored in a bamboo woven Igorot basket, and
covered with old style sack of rice & tightly girdled around to keep the bread warm until sold out from 1-4 in the afternoon.