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Shadow Box

Is a shallow enclosing case usually with a glass front in which something is set for protection and display, they come in different shapes and forms

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What is a military shadow box?

Shadow boxes are the foundation of what the Military do at the Medals of America. I am certain that regardless of which national military one belongs to, it relates to what a shadow box signifies.

As Veterans ourselves, we know the value and honor of seeing a finished shadow box in the hands of a Veteran.

A military shadow box is a type of display case that is used to highlight military medals, awards, uniforms, and other memorabilia.

It is typically a deep frame with a clear front panel, allowing the items inside to be visible from the front, and is often used to create a three-dimensional display.

The term "shadow box" comes from the fact that the items inside appear to be suspended in a shadowy space, giving the display a sense of depth and dimension. Military shadow boxes are often used to honor and display the service and achievements of veterans and active-duty military personnel.

They can also be used to display other types of memorabilia, such as sports jerseys or collectibles.

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"Honor, Courage and Commitment" HONEST, LOVING, CARING and PASSIONATE

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