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Bakget: Igorota's afterbirth belt

Length" 58" plus fringes at each end, 3" and 3 1/2"
Width: 3 3/8"

Woman's belt for a "tapis", Bontoc region
Early 20th century

#bakget #belt #tapis #Bontoc

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The Dutchman who choose to live life as an Igorot

Johanne "Brother James" Schorsch, an adopted son of Bontoc, Mountain Province with an Igorot name "FANGYACHEW" or "Fanjacho".

He gave up everything and choose to live as an Igorot wearing only his "bahag" wherever he goes.

He spent more than 30 years of his life rendering assistance to anyone in and out of the Cordilleras. He can speak local languages like Kankana-ey and Ilocano fluently and even denounced his Dutch citizenship.

According to some, he is now living in the province of Aurora.

#James #Fangyachew #Fanjacho #Bontoc #MtProvince

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Bontoc couple celebrates wedding milestone by providing snacks to frontliners

A kind-hearted couple celebrates marriage milestone by sharing their blessings to others.

Mr. Raymundo Basco and his wife, Mrs.Jen Basco, the owner of Rio Chico Marketing decided to celebrate their 18th year of wedding anniversary by providing snacks to the frontliners.

They coursed their donation through the Bontoc Operations Center (OpCen) on April 22, 2020. Their donations include one box pineapple and peanut bread, 12 bottles of local organic honey, and 3 three packs of organic muscovado sugar.

Best wishes!

Photo Credits: MDRRM Office

#COVID19 #marriage #anniversary #donation #coronavirus

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Meet Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu, his Igorot name)

From a small village called Bayyo in Bontoc Mountain Province, now 70 yrs. Old, married, but his wife left him 30 yrs ago. Met a man in Canada, and never came back. Now he is on his own, no parents, all his siblings are gone too.

He tends a public toilet which is clean, and lives through tips by people who pose with him for a photo.

Life is truly colorful, it has stories that will really break your heart. There is nothing certain in this world. But in God, everything is sure, and Yes and Amen. Even if all things fail , God will never ever fail. Left him with a reasonable tip and we took with us his friendly happy smile.

Credit: Noemi Del Rosario

#Feliciano #Bayyo #Bontoc #MountainProvince #Lutno

Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu)
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Bontoc chieftain Antonio and the different types of Bontoc spears

Behind Bontoc chieftain Antonio are the different types of Bontoc spears.

He is holding a two barbed "Falfeg". The "Falfeg" was barbed, not for enhanced human or game killing ability but for more spiritual purposes.

Being animist, the Bontoc Igorots believed that the barbs are there to ensnare spirits. The more barbs, made the Falfeg a more effective weapon to fight evil spirits.

#Igorot #Bontoc #spears #Falfeg #Antonio

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This is not the famous Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Maligcong Rice Terraces, Bontoc, Mountain Province

Photo: theboywhowantedtofly

#Maligcong #RiceTerraces #Bontoc #MtProvince

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