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Colorized Vintage Photo of a Northern Philippine Tribesman, an Igorot, taken by Filipino-Spanish photographer Eduardo Masferre in 1949 with extensive colorizing liberties


#Igorot #VintagePhoto #Masferre

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Kathryn Bernardo wearing a Kalinga made choker, her sleeve accent is Ifugao weave po, we sell it per yard... The tela used in her long skirt is also handwoven in KALINGA...

Let's say thank you to Kath for bringing our products in the limelight... She's doing so much to help keep the weaving industry alive and strong....

Pangaasiyo kakailyan ta tomolong kayo agilako ti produkto ti kakailyan tayo... Ta ado ti mapakan na dytoy nga trabaho nga nasayaat.... Saan tayo koma nga number one mang dadael ti diskarte ti kakailyan tayo... Ta ado da ya ti kayat da lng ket saan nga kumit piman ti weavers... Ket apay saan tayo maragsakan aya nu kumita met ti pagbiagan ti kakailyan nga weavers.... Napintas dytoy nga pag byagan kakailyan.... Supporta lng ti kasapulan especially nu awan met balak u nga gumatang...

By The Igorot fb page

#KathrynBernardo #Igorot #wear #weave

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Dogyut! Two main rivers in the summer capital remain heavily polluted due in part to unregulated hog raising operations and sludge coming from Baguio's public market and slaughterhouse, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said.

"Trillions of fecal coliform are being discharged into the Balili and Bued rivers," Maria Victoria Abrera, Cordillera director of the Environmental Management Bureau, told reporters here on Wednesday.

#RiverWaste #Baguio #Balili #LaTrinidad #WaterPollution

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