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Abra Teacher Provides Free Haircut for his Pupils

A teacher in Lacub, Abra, continues to provide free haircuts for all his male pupils during Brigada Eskwela even in the middle of the pandemic.

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Lorenzo T. Marquez, an elementary teacher in Lacub, Abra, continues to provide free haircuts for his male pupils even during the pandemic.

Lorenzo T. Marquez, a teacher at Pacoc Elementary School in Lacub, Abra, continues to provide free haircuts for his male pupils even during the pandemic.

Teacher Lorenzo has been doing this for four years during Brigada Eskwela because there is no barbershop in their area and parents do not have time to cut their sons' hair.

Teacher Lorenzo providing a free haircut for one of his pupils in Lacub, Abra

The pandemic did not stop him from pursuing this goal, and since he was making home visits, this was his opportunity to cut the hair of his male students.

This brings great joy to the parents as it is performed by Teacher Lorenzo for free.

Adhikain kong maging inspirasyon para sa aking mga mag-aaral para magsumikap at makapagtapos sila. Sa katunayan, nakakalimutan na nilang maging maayos simula ng sila ay nasa kanilang mga tahanan. Kaya ginamit ko ang aking skill upang lalo pang makapagsilbi sa kanila at at least maging positibo sila sa paghangad ng kanilang pangarap sa buhay. Sa aksiyong ito, napupunan ko ang isa sa mga kakulangan nila sa buhay. Kahit sa ganitong paraan lamang na aking maipadama ang pagmamahal at pagmamalasakit sa aking mga estudyante. Nakagagaan ng pakiramdam na masilayan ang kanilang "Ngiting bagong gupit"

Teacher Lorenzo said, his goal is to be an inspiration for his pupils so that they can work hard and graduate.

According to the teacher, his pupils forget to be well since they are in their residences. So he utilized his skill to further serve them and at least encourage them to be optimistic in pursuing their dreams in life.

"In this action, I fill in one of their shortcomings in life. Even in this way alone I can express love and concern for my learners. It feels nice to see their 'Ngiting bagong gupit'", Marquez added.

Big salute to you Sir Lorenzo T. Marquez for your concern for our future leaders. You are an inspiration!

Source: DepEd Tayo Abra

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