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The 11th Sagada Etag Festival: Celebrating Unity and Tradition

Experience the culture of Sagada at the 11th Etag Festival, with cultural street dancing, culinary traditions, and community spirit on full display.

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Celebrate culture and community at the 11th Sagada Etag Festival, where tradition comes alive with culinary delights, cultural street dancing, and community spirit. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

The Municipality of Sagada is gearing up for the much-anticipated 11th installment of its annual Etag Festival, scheduled to take place from February 1 to 4, 2024. This vibrant celebration, themed "BRIDGING GENERATIONS: Bringing iSagada Closer Through Fest," embodies the spirit of unity and tradition within the community.

The 11th Sagada Etag Festival Calendar of Activities

A Celebration of Sagada's Rich Heritage

The Etag Festival is more than just an annual event in Sagada; it's a cherished tradition deeply ingrained in the fabric of the community's identity. As preparations unfold for the 11th edition of this esteemed gathering, anticipation builds for another memorable celebration of Sagada's rich cultural heritage and the bonds that unite its residents. With each passing year, the festival serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie and tradition that defines Sagada, promising unforgettable moments and shared experiences for all who attend.

Embracing Tradition: The Significance of Etag

At the heart of the Etag Festival lies the tradition of Etag, a beloved delicacy in Sagada and throughout the Cordillera region, cherished by the Igorot people. This culinary tradition not only serves as a staple in the local diet but also holds profound cultural significance, playing a central role in various rituals and festivities.

Etag's preparation, which involves salting, smoking over a low fire, or sun drying pork meat, reflects centuries-old methods passed down through generations. Its presence in Sagada's cuisine symbolizes the community's connection to its ancestral roots and serves as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the Igorot people. During the Etag Festival, this cherished delicacy takes center stage, serving as a focal point for celebration and cultural expression, uniting residents and visitors in a shared appreciation for tradition and heritage.

Tourism and Environmental Preservation

Sagada's allure extends beyond its culinary traditions, as it boasts a pristine environment and rich cultural heritage that attract tourists, particularly nature enthusiasts. The municipality's commitment to environmental preservation has contributed to maintaining its cool weather conditions and scenic landscapes, making it a sought-after destination for travelers seeking an escape from urban life.

Festival Highlights: A Celebration of Culture and Creativity

The festival's calendar of activities is filled with an array of captivating events that spotlight the diverse talents and rich cultural heritage of Sagada's residents.

Ground Demonstration (February 1, 2024)

The festivities kick off with the dynamic Ground Demonstration, where secondary schools in Sagada will engage in a spirited showcase of Zumba, Calisthenics, and Modern Dance routines. This event not only celebrates the vibrant energy and creativity of Sagada's youth but also reaffirms the community's dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Fashion Show (February 2, 2024)

On the second day of the festival, attendees will be treated to the spectacular Fashion Show, featuring the charismatic candidates of the Search for Mr. and Ms. Sagada 2024. Alongside these aspiring ambassadors, models will grace the runway, flaunting Sagada's exquisite woven products and handicrafts. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this showcase serves as a testament to the municipality's rich cultural tapestry and the ingenuity of its artisans.

Cultural Street Dancing (February 3, 2024)

A highlight of the festival is the mesmerizing Cultural Street Dancing, where the five zones of Sagada will unite in a captivating display of traditional dances. From the spirited rhythms of Takik to the graceful movements of Boogie, each performance embodies the essence of Sagada's cultural heritage. As the streets come alive with color and rhythm, spectators are reminded of the deep-rooted traditions and unwavering unity that define Sagada's vibrant community.

Culminating Day (February 4, 2024)

The festival concludes with the Culminating Day on February 4, 2024, held at the Community Basketball Court. This grand finale features a series of exciting events, including the Rescue-Lympics, Battle of the Bands, Tug of War, and a Closing Program. As participants and spectators gather to celebrate, they will reflect on the week's festivities and the bonds forged within the community.


The 11th Sagada Etag Festival promises to be a celebration of unity, tradition, and creativity. As residents and visitors alike come together to partake in the festivities, they not only honor the past but also look towards a future filled with cultural pride and community spirit. From the savory flavors of Etag to the rhythmic beats of traditional dances, the festival serves as a testament to Sagada's vibrant identity and enduring legacy.


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