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Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao: 104-Year-Old Centenarian from Kalinga Reveals Longevity Secrets

Discover the remarkable life of Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao, a 104-year-old Igorot centenarian from Kalinga, and uncover her secrets to longevity.

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Read the remarkable life of Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao, a 104-year-old centenarian from Kalinga, and discover the secrets to her longevity and vibrant lifestyle. Photos: Province of Kalinga

Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao: Celebrating a Century of Life and Wisdom

In the remote village of Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga province, resides a remarkable individual who has witnessed a century of life unfold-Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao, an Igorot centenarian. At the impressive age of 104, Apu Pas-ad's journey is a testament to resilience and wisdom, cherished by her community and beyond.

Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao

An Extraordinary Tribute

On a memorable Tuesday, March 5th, Apu Pas-ad was honored by the Provincial Local Government Unit of Kalinga in a heartfelt ceremony.

Recognizing her enduring contributions, she received a significant cash gift totaling P50,000. Governor James Edduba's representatives added to this gesture with an additional P5,000, symbolizing the collective gratitude for Apu Pas-ad's remarkable journey.

National Recognition, Local Reverence

Apu Pas-ad's acclaim extends far beyond her village. Prior to the provincial tribute, she received a prestigious P100,000 bounty from the national government, accompanied by a letter from the president's office. This dual recognition underscores the profound impact of Apu Pas-ad's life, serving as an inspiration for generations.

The Power of Simple Living

When asked about her longevity secret, Apu Pas-ad shared her wisdom-a diet rooted in simplicity and nourishment. Her daily meals consist primarily of organic, boiled vegetables, free from artificial preservatives. This testament to mindful eating resonates deeply, affirming the timeless adage that true wealth lies in health.

Cultivating Connection Through Agriculture

Apu Pas-ad's dietary choices are grounded in the fertile soils of Buscalan, where a variety of vegetables thrive under community care. From the sweetness of sweet potatoes to the crunch of beans, each harvest reflects a bond between the land and its stewards. Indigenous wild vegetables like 'pikaw' enrich the culinary experience, highlighting the relationship between sustenance and stewardship.

A Legislative Legacy

The recognition given to Apu Pas-ad and her fellow centenarians stems from legislative foresight. The ordinance crafted by former Board member Frederick Pangsiw paved the way for supporting Kalinga's elderly population. Stemming from an appeal by the Senior Citizen Federation, this initiative embodies a commitment to honoring and empowering those who have journeyed a century and beyond.

Conclusion: A Living Legacy

In the quiet village of Buscalan, Apu Pas-ad Ella Balinggao stands as a living testament to resilience and wisdom. As we celebrate her remarkable journey, let us not only mark the passing of years but embrace the wisdom gleaned from a century lived to the fullest-a wisdom that transcends time and speaks to the essence of what it means to truly live.

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