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Carlos Brylle Artates: Cordilleran Ranks 9th in Civil Engineering Exam

Carlos Brylle Artates, Cordilleran from Tabuk City, earns 9th place in April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Exam.

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Witness the impressive achievement of Carlos Brylle Artates, a proud Cordilleran hailing from Tabuk City, as he secures 9th place in the prestigious April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (CELE).

Carlos Brylle Artates, a 23-year-old alumnus of Tabuk City Central School and Tabuk City National High School, has achieved a remarkable feat by ranking 9th in the April 2024 Civil Engineering Licensure Examination (CELE) with an impressive rating of 91.90%. Hailing from Tabuk City, Artates's journey to success exemplifies resilience, determination, and unwavering faith, despite encountering significant challenges along the way.

Overcoming Setbacks: Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone

Artates's academic journey was not without its obstacles. Despite his consistent academic excellence from elementary to high school, he faced a significant setback during his college years-a failing grade in a major subject. Reflecting on this experience, Artates shared his initial feelings of regret and sadness, but also emphasized how it served as a wake-up call for him to improve his study habits and approach.

Learning from Adversity: Turning Failure into Success

Instead of being discouraged by failure, Artates viewed it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. He dedicated himself to mastering the material and refining his study habits, eventually achieving an impressive score of 97 upon retaking the subject. This demonstrated his resilience and determination to succeed against all odds.

Preparation and Persistence: Keys to Success in the CELE

Artates's success in the CELE was the result of months of rigorous preparation and unwavering dedication. He began his review process early, utilizing online resources and enrolling in a review center to enhance his understanding of key concepts. Despite facing challenges such as fatigue and self-doubt, Artates remained steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, solving problems daily and maintaining a disciplined study routine.

Overcoming Challenges: Faith, Resilience, and Divine Intervention

Despite his stellar performance in pre-board examinations, Artates encountered unexpected challenges during the actual CELE. However, he refused to be deterred by adversity, relying on his faith and resilience to see him through. Reflecting on his experience, Artates emphasized the role of divine grace in his success, attributing his achievement to God's intervention.

Advice for Future CELE Takers: Courage, Perseverance, and Faith

As Artates reflects on his journey, he offers invaluable advice to future CELE takers. Beyond mere memorization of formulas and concepts, he emphasizes the importance of cultivating courage, perseverance, and faith. Artates encourages aspiring engineers to approach their studies with humility and prayer, recognizing the transformative power of these virtues in overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

Embracing Adversity, Achieving Excellence: The Legacy of Carlos Brylle Artates

Carlos Brylle Artates's journey from academic setbacks to triumph in the CELE serves as a powerful testament to the human spirit's capacity for resilience, determination, and faith. His story reminds us that setbacks are not obstacles but opportunities for growth and learning, and that success is attainable through unwavering commitment and belief in oneself. As aspiring engineers embark on their own journeys, may they draw inspiration from Artates's example and embrace adversity as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. All glory to Him!

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