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Bontoc Jar Burials: The Remains of an Ancient Tribe

It's not just skeletons in jars, it is also a figment of an ancient tribe's history, culture, and mysteries unsolved

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Jar Burials Photo Owned by Aya May Dayaoen

Hidden in the mountain slopes of Alab Oriente, Bontoc, Philippines is a sacred ground with three burial caves. Came to be known as the Ganga Caves, it became the resting place of more than a hundred people who were laid in fetal positions inside thick and heavy pinewood coffins. One of these caves is the home of what is now called Jar Burials. A burial rite that is only practiced in this part of the country's Cordillera Administrative Region as per existing archeological and anthropological evidences.

Jar Burials Photo Owned by Aya May Dayaoen

Close inspections reveal a set of skeletons in clay jars hidden inside the burial caves. The fact that other burial caves harbor remains in pinewood coffins presents a question as to why some are placed in jars. Since Bontoc rituals at present are grounded on customs, principles, and values expressed in affluence and materiality, it is believed by some that those buried in jars are special. Theories from the village stipulate that these jars are symbols of greatness or influence for the ancient people and so they used it for those of high status. Others, however, say that the remains are of infants or children due to their sizes.

Jar Bubrials Photo Owned by Aya May Dayaoen

No carbon dating was done to determine the age of the Jar Burials and no in-depth academic researches to cover the rituals were conducted to date. Further theories say that these were practiced at the same time that the land bridges or isthmus from the Land Bridge Theories existed. It is also believed that the ancient people who carved the Alab Petroglyphs which are over 3,000-year-old engravings in a boulder located within the same sacred grounds are the same people who are responsible for the Jar Burials.

Pinewood Coffins Photo Owned by Aya May Dayaoen

The history surrounding the Jar Burials is one that remains a mystery to both the locals and visitors. With the lack of studies, resources, and actions towards learning more about this ancient tradition, they remain, for now, as a small but significant piece of evidence of an olden tribe's existence, culture, and practices.

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