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Igorot Marine Officer Capt. Dennis Sadlay Top 3 in Strategic Civil-Military Sanglahi Class

Capt. Dennis D. Sadlay, an Igorot Marine Officer, ranks 3rd in the Strategic Civil-Military Operations Officers Online Course, Class 23-24 "Sanglahi."

Capt. Dennis Sadlay achieves top 3 honors in the Strategic Civil-Military Operations Sanglahi Class, bringing pride to the Igorot community. Photo: AFP CMOS

Captain Dennis D. Sadlay, an Igorot Marine Officer from Baguio and Mountain Province, has earned top honors in the Strategic Civil-Military Operations Officers Online Course. His remarkable achievements underscore his exceptional dedication, intelligence, and hard work. As a proud member of the Igorot community, Captain Sadlay's success highlights the significant contributions of indigenous peoples to national defense and strategic operations.

Igorot Excellence Among Diverse Professionals

Captain Dennis D. Sadlay (PN) M distinguished himself among 65 participants from various branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), including the Philippine Navy, Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Coast Guard, the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), as well as civilian professionals and AFP's civilian human resources. With an impressive rating of 94.41%, Captain Sadlay emerged as one of the top three graduates, demonstrating his strategic acumen and dedication to his role.

Special Awards for Strategic Contributions

Captain Sadlay's expertise in strategic communication and propaganda analysis earned him two Special Studies Awards:

  • STRATCOM Snapshot: This award recognizes his exceptional skills in analyzing and implementing strategic communication tactics.
  • Propaganda Issue Analysis: His insightful contributions to group projects on propaganda analysis showcase his deep understanding of information warfare and psychological operations.

Comprehensive Course Overview

The Strategic Civil-Military Operations Officers Online Course, Class 23-24 "Sanglahi," aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of military and civilian professionals in civil-military operations. The course includes an online component and a five-day face-to-face integration phase, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Emphasis on Strategic Communication

A key focus of the course is on strategic communication and propaganda analysis, essential skills for modern military operations. Mastery in these areas enables officers to effectively shape public perception and achieve strategic objectives.

Impact on the Igorot Community

Captain Sadlay's achievements resonate deeply within the Igorot community, showcasing their vital contributions to the country's security and military strategy. His success serves as an inspiration to other Igorots and indigenous communities, demonstrating that dedication and excellence can lead to significant accomplishments.

Encouraging Future Generations

The success of the graduates of Class 23-24 "Sanglahi" underscores the importance of hard work, passion, and commitment in achieving excellence. As these professionals continue to advance in their careers, their dedication to strategic operations will continue to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Honoring Igorot Heritage and Achievement

The recognition of Captain Dennis D. Sadlay's accomplishments in the Strategic Civil-Military Operations Officers Online Course is a celebration of perseverance and strategic thinking. His achievements not only advance his career but also honor his heritage, inspiring others to follow his example and strive for excellence.

Mabuhay ang Igorot!


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