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Elderly Man Short on Bus Fare to Baguio: What the Conductor Did Next is Heartwarming

Elderly man bound for Baguio City falls short on fare. Witness the heartwarming tale of what the bus conductor did next.

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Elderly man en route to Baguio City finds himself short on fare. Explore the heartwarming tale of the bus conductor's compassionate response. Photo: Venus Natura Sibayan

In a world often filled with stories of negativity and hardship, a recent viral post on Facebook has brought forth a shining example of human kindness. Shared by Venus Natura Sibayan, the story revolves around a heartwarming encounter between a conductor, an elderly passenger, and a bystander on a bus journey in La Union.

The Encounter

As Venus Natura Sibayan awaited her bus in Balaoan, La Union, she boarded a bus traveling from Abra to Baguio, bound for her school at DMMMSU-NLUC. A heartening interaction unfolded before her eyes as a senior gentleman approached her, initiating a conversation that would leave a lasting impression. The exchange, as recounted by Sibayan, captured the essence of selflessness and compassion.

In her Facebook post, Sibayan narrates the conversation between herself and the elderly passenger:

"Anak, agpabaguio ka?" (Child, are you headed to Baguio?)

"Haan tay ijayak lang, Bacnotan po." (No, I'm just going to Bacnotan.)

"Ngem datuy lugan ngay agpabaguio ngata?" (But is this the bus to Baguio?)

"Wen ta." (Yes.)

A Gesture of Generosity

As the journey progressed, the conductor approached the elderly man, ticket book in hand, ready to issue the necessary fare. Curiosity hung in the air as the conductor checked the ticket and glanced at the fare tendered by the elderly passenger.

Pulling out four twenty-peso bills from his pocket, the elderly man handed them to the conductor as payment for his fare, totaling eighty pesos. However, as the conductor counted the bills, a realization struck - the amount fell short of the actual fare.

Addressing the discrepancy, the conductor politely remarked, "Uncle, kurang tuy bayad mo," which translates to "Uncle, your fare is short." The elderly man, with a resigned tone, replied, "Dayta lang gamin ti kwartak," meaning "That's all I have."

After the elderly man acknowledged that the fare he offered was all he had, the conductor's response was unexpected but profoundly moving. Rather than insisting on the full fare or expressing frustration, the conductor chose empathy and understanding.

With a gentle tap on the man's shoulder, the conductor conveyed reassurance without saying a word. It was a simple yet powerful gesture that spoke volumes about the depth of human connection and compassion.

This moment left an indelible mark on all who witnessed it, reminding them of the kindness that exists within humanity, even in the most ordinary of interactions.

The Ripple Effect

The story, resonating deeply with readers, quickly spread across social media platforms, garnering attention and admiration from netizens. It serves as a poignant reminder of the power of kindness and compassion in our daily interactions.

Sibayan's post not only highlights the generosity of the conductor but also celebrates the unsung heroes among us-the individuals who, through their small acts of kindness, make the world a brighter place.

Seeking Connection

Moved by the encounter, Sibayan took to Facebook in search of the elderly man, hoping to express her gratitude and admiration for his kindness. Despite limited information about him, she extended an open invitation for anyone who may know him to reach out to her.


In a world often overshadowed by negativity, stories like these serve as beacons of hope, reminding us of the inherent goodness within humanity. The viral post shared by Venus Natura Sibayan serves as a testament to the profound impact of simple acts of kindness, inspiring others to embrace compassion in their daily lives.

It's worth noting that in the Cordillera region, where the conductor is assumed to be from, such gestures of kindness are not uncommon. Cordillerans are known for their strong sense of community and generosity, where acts of compassion are woven into the fabric of everyday life. In this context, the conductor's response reflects the values of his culture, where extending kindness to others is simply the norm.

As the search for the elderly man continues, let us all be reminded of the importance of extending kindness and empathy to those around us, for it is through such gestures that we truly make a difference in the world. May the conductor, the driver, and the operator of the bus be blessed for their role in this heartwarming encounter.

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