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Danum by Salidummay (Lyrics + Song Meaning)

Danum by Salidummay. Explore the lyrics and meaning of this Igorot song. Does it have connections to the NPA?

Discover the essence of 'Danum by Salidummay,' an Igorot song, exploring its lyrics and potential connections to the NPA.

"Danum by Saliddumay," an esteemed Igorot song deeply rooted in Cordillera's cultural heritage, holds a significant place. In this article, we explore its essence, uncovering its significance within Igorot culture and its song meaning. Expect an examination of the song's lyrics, cultural importance, and lasting impact. Join us as we explore the beauty and significance of "Danum by Saliddumay."

Lyrics of "Danum by Saliddumay"

[Verse 1]

Kasla ak kuma kenka, Oh danum a napigsa
Ta agayos ak agpababa, enggana wayawaya
Uwu wu way

Kitaem kadi kadwa ti danum idjay bantay
Nagayos agpababa enggana idjay baybay
Uwu wu way

Uray anya ti ikastam, uray man nu lappedam
Mabirukan na ladta dalan ti wayawaya
Uwu wu way

Uray man nu mabulanan, uray man nu matawenan
Isu ladta ti madanunan baybay a kalawaan
Uwu wu way


Ti kaiyarigan na ti danum a napigsa
Dangadang ti u-umili
Sigurado agballigi
Uwu wu way

[Verse 2]

Maidadanes nga umili, bumangbangon, lumablaban
Isuda ti sadiri panangbaliw ti kagimungan
Uwu wu way

Uray anya man ti rigat, mabayag man ti gubat
Isu ladta ti madanunan nawaya a masakbayan
Uwu wu way

English Translation of "Danum by Saliddumay"

In this section, we present the English translation of "Danum by Saliddumay," provided by the original singer.

[Verse 1]

I wish I were like a river
So strong and mighty
Then I shall flow
Towards freedom

Behold, comrade
The waters of the mountain
Flow down
To the sea

No matter what you do
You cannot stop the flow
The water will surely find
The path of freedom

Months may pass
Years may go
It eventually reaches
The vastest ocean


The mighty river
Is like the people's struggle
None can stop it
And victory shall be ours

[Verse 2]

The oppressed and exploited are rising, fighting
From them comes the strength to
Change the world
Though the hardships may come
Though the war is long
The path leads us all
To glorious freedom

Line-by-Line Translation and Explanation of Danum by Saliddumay

In this section, we provide a detailed analysis of each line of "Danum by Saliddumay," offering a comprehensive understanding of the song's meaning and significance.

"Kasla ak kuma kenka, Oh danum a napigsa"

  • Translation: "I wish I were you, Oh river so mighty"
  • Explanation: In this line, "danum" means water, but we opt to use "river" for better representation. The singer expresses a desire to possess the strength and stability symbolized by the powerful river.

"Ta agayos ak agpababa, enggana wayawaya"

  • Translation: "For I will flow down, towards freedom"
  • Explanation: This line signifies the singer's determination to move towards liberation, akin to the river's flow.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: "Uwu wu way" serves as a vocalization without a direct translation. It adds to the song's rhythm and emotional impact, common in Igorot music.

"Kitaem kadi kadwa ti danum idjay bantay"

  • Translation: "Take a look, my friend, at the water in the mountains"
  • Explanation: This line invites the listener to observe the water flowing from the mountains, possibly symbolizing the beginning of a journey.

"Nagayos agpababa enggana idjay baybay"

  • Translation: "It flows downward until the ocean"
  • Explanation: Here, the song describes how the water continues its journey from the mountains down to the ocean, emphasizing the continuity of movement and progression.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: This repeated vocalization, "Uwu wu way," lacks a direct translation. It serves to enhance the song's rhythm and emotional resonance, a characteristic feature of Igorot music.

"Uray anya ti ikastam, uray man nu lappedam"

  • Translation: "No matter what you do, even if you obstruct it"
  • Explanation: This line emphasizes the inevitability of progress, suggesting that external obstacles cannot hinder it.

"Mabirukan na ladta dalan ti wayawaya"

  • Translation: "It will always find its way to freedom"
  • Explanation: This line signifies the determination to overcome obstacles, highlighting the resilience towards achieving liberation.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: This vocalization is repeated, adding to the song's rhythm and emotional depth.

"Uray man nu mabulanan, uray man nu matawenan"

  • Translation: "Even if it takes months, even if it takes years"
  • Explanation: This line emphasizes the prolonged duration of the journey, highlighting the persistence required to endure through challenges.

"Isu ladta ti madanunan baybay a kalawaan"

  • Translation: "It will always reach its destination, the vast ocean"
  • Explanation: This phrase emphasizes the inevitable fulfillment of the journey's purpose, likened to the vastness of reaching the expansive ocean.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: This vocalization is repeated once again.

"Ti kaiyarigan na ti danum a napigsa"

  • Translation: "The representation of the water's strength"
  • Explanation: This line suggests that the river epitomizes strength, symbolizing resilience and power.

"Dangadang ti u-umili"

  • Translation: "Is the struggle of the people"
  • Explanation: Here, the song connects the river's strength to the ongoing struggle and perseverance of the community.

"Sigurado agballigi"

  • Translation: "Assured to succeed"
  • Explanation: This phrase expresses confidence and certainty in the eventual triumph or success of their endeavors.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: "Uwu wu way" is repeated once again.

"Maidadanes nga umili, bumangbangon, lumablaban"

  • Translation: "The oppressed and exploited people are rising and fighting"
  • Explanation: This line depicts the oppressed and exploited individuals actively rising up and fighting for their rights and freedom.

"Isuda ti sadiri panangbaliw ti kagimungan"

  • Translation: "They are the foundation of social change"
  • Explanation: Here, the song emphasizes that these individuals constitute the foundation of societal transformation and progress.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: "Uwu wu way" is a repeated.

"Uray anya man ti rigat, mabayag man ti gubat"

  • Translation: "Despite the hardships, the war might take some time"
  • Explanation: This line acknowledges the challenges and duration of the struggle, recognizing that it may require perseverance and patience.

"Isu ladta ti madanunan nawaya a masakbayan"

  • Translation: "It will still reach its destination, glorious freedom"
  • Explanation: Here, the song expresses confidence that despite the difficulties, the struggle will ultimately lead to the achievement of glorious freedom.

Uwu wu way

  • Explanation: "Uwu wu way" is a repeated.


"Danum by Saliddumay" seamlessly merges the imagery of flowing water with the resolute struggle for justice and autonomy in the Cordillera region. Much like the river's determined course towards the ocean, the pursuit of liberation is marked by steadfast determination, overcoming obstacles along the way. Through its heartfelt lyrics and the incorporation of traditional Igorot music, the song reflects the unyielding spirit of those striving for dignity, serving as a potent metaphor for strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

In essence, "Danum by Saliddumay" stands as a testament to the enduring quest for freedom in the Cordillera region. While speculation persists regarding its potential associations with the New People's Army (NPA), the song's message transcends any singular interpretation. It echoes the ongoing resilience and determination of those advocating for liberty and self-determination, underscoring their unwavering pursuit of justice. Just as water continues its unyielding journey towards the sea, so too does the pursuit of freedom persist, fueled by the enduring spirit of the champions of liberty from the Cordillera region.

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