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Febie Gel Dagson: Kalinga Lady Secures Top 8 in September 2023 Teacher Board Exam

Febie Gel Dagson, an Igorot woman from Kalinga, claims 8th spot in the September 2023 Teacher Board Exam. Explore her inspiring journey in education.

Discover the remarkable achievement of Febie Gel Dagson, an Igorot woman from Kalinga, securing the 8th spot in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers - Elementary Level. Dive into her journey of excellence in education.

In the world of academic achievement, Febie Gel Laquiao Dagson stands out as a prime example of hard work and determination. She clinched the 8th spot in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers - Elementary Level, showcasing the power of setting goals and putting in the effort.

A Winning Mindset: "Think, Review, and Answer like a Topnotcher"

Dagson's key to success? She made it a point to think and review materials like a topnotcher. This approach played a big role in her success during the challenging licensure exam.

From Top Grad to Topnotcher: Rising to the Challenge

Starting strong with a Summa Cum Laude graduation from Kalinga State University (KSU), Dagson aimed higher. Her goal was to ace the teachers' board exam, and she did just that by securing the 8th position among tough competition.

Balancing Faith and Action: A Winning Combination

Dagson didn't just rely on hard work; she also brought faith into the equation. Balancing trust in a higher power with her own efforts, she found success through a harmonious approach.

Mom's Teaching Legacy: Patience and Compassion in Education

Dagson's mom, her first teacher, left a lasting impact. Learning from her mother's patience and compassion, Dagson pursued a degree in Elementary Education at KSU. Her aim? To be an inspiring teacher just like her mom.

Guiding Future LET Takers: Practical Advice

As someone who's been through it, Dagson has three practical tips for future LET takers: pray and believe in yourself, set clear goals and work hard, and take care of your health with enough sleep and vitamins.

Beyond the Exam: Teaching with Impact

Now a licensed teacher, Dagson looks ahead to teaching in college and becoming a review lecturer. Her vision extends beyond personal success, focusing on nurturing the next generation of educators.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Inspiration for Aspiring Educators

Febie Gel Dagson's journey from a dedicated student to the 8th position in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers is a story of resilience, purpose, and familial influence. Her straightforward approach of thinking like a topnotcher, combined with hard work and a touch of faith, propelled her to success.

From her Summa Cum Laude graduation at Kalinga State University to her heartfelt motivation drawn from her mother's teaching legacy, Dagson's story resonates with aspiring educators. Her advice, rooted in practicality and personal experience, offers a roadmap for those on their way to tackling the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

As Dagson looks forward to making a meaningful impact in the field of education, her journey stands as a beacon of inspiration. It serves as a reminder that success is attainable through a clear mindset, dedication, and the enduring influence of those who inspire us. In the tapestry of academic accomplishments, Febie Gel Dagson's story shines brightly, guiding the way for future educators to reach their goals.

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