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Jansen Domoguen: Igorot Earns Distinguished Student Award in International Physics

Jansen Domoguen, proud Igorot, earns prestigious Distinguished Student Award from the American Physical Society Forum on International Physics.

Jansen Domoguen, an Igorot from Mountain Province, earns the prestigious Distinguished Student Award from the American Physical Society Forum on International Physics (APS-FIP DS3 Award).

In a remarkable achievement that unfolded in 2015 but is making headlines today, Jansen Keith L. Domoguen, a proud Igorot from Barlig and Sagada in Mountain Province has secured the prestigious 2015 Distinguished Student Award from the American Physical Society Forum on International Physics (APS-FIP DS3 Award). His journey not only highlights personal success but also exemplifies the excellence emanating from the Filipino community.

A Global Recognition

Mr. Domoguen joins an elite group of twelve international physics students acknowledged with the APS-FIP DS3 Award. This distinction underlines his exceptional contributions and dedication to advancing the field of physics.

The Grand Stage

The spotlight shines on Mr. Domoguen as he prepares to accept his award during the Annual APS Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, held from April 16 to 19, 2016. This international platform serves as a testament to his achievements and positions him as a representative of Filipino excellence in the global scientific community.

Facilitating the Journey: The Travel Grant

Recognizing the financial challenges associated with such international recognition, Mr. Domoguen has been granted a travel stipend of 2500 USD. This support ensures that he can proudly represent the Philippines at the Awarding Ceremonies, overcoming the hurdles faced by students attending prestigious events.

Beyond Recognition: Research Presentation

The excitement extends further as Mr. Domoguen gears up to present his research at the APS April Meeting. With over 1,000 papers to be presented by eminent scientists in various physics disciplines, his work contributes to the diverse tapestry of knowledge shared on this international platform.

Mentorship Matters

Behind Mr. Domoguen's success stood his mentor, Dr. Joel T. Maquiling, a distinguished 2015 APS-FIP Faculty Awardee. Together, they presented their geophysics research on the "Suppression of Turbulence using Electrified Granular Matter" and highlighted local physics education initiatives during both the APS Meeting and the Forum on International Physics.

A Timeless Triumph and Future Inspiration

Jansen Keith L. Domoguen's journey, unfolding in 2015, echoes through today as a timeless triumph. His story surpasses individual success, standing as a testament to the collective potential of the Filipino community. As we witness his achievements in the present, Jansen becomes a beacon of inspiration, breaking barriers in applied physics and propelling Filipino excellence onto the global stage.

This celebration is more than a reflection on the past; it's a call to action for future generations. Jansen's story is a reminder that excellence knows no boundaries, showcasing the Filipino spirit's ability to leave an indelible mark on the world stage. As we honor his timeless triumph, let it ignite inspiration for aspiring minds, cultivating a legacy of brilliance not only in the field of physics but beyond. Jansen's narrative serves as a guiding light for the enduring future of Filipino excellence.

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