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Grade 10 Students from PSHS-Cordillera Win Silver at WISPO 2023

PSHS Cordillera students shine at WISPO 2023, winning the prestigious silver award, marking an extraordinary global achievement for the Philippines.

PSHS Cordillera students triumph at WISPO 2023 in Bandung, Indonesia, securing the prestigious silver award-an extraordinary achievement for the Philippines on the global stage.

In a splendid conclusion to 2023, two brilliant minds from the Philippine Science High School Cordillera campus, Eliz Jae F. Gasatan and Han Na D. Park, emerged victorious at the World Innovative Science Project Olympiad (WISPO) held in Bandung, Indonesia. Their exceptional performance secured them the prestigious silver award, marking a momentous achievement for the Philippines on the global stage.

The Journey to WISPO Glory

Gasatan and Park, both remarkable grade 10 students, embarked on their triumphant journey by clinching victory at the 2023 International Science Technology and Engineering Competition (ISTEC) in May. This triumph paved the way for their participation in the WISPO 2023, a renowned scientific project contest that attracts the brightest minds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.

Innovative Research: Harnessing Sunlight with Biodegradable Media

The spotlight of their success was their groundbreaking research project titled 'Dye-Sensitized Solar Panel Cell: Harnessing Sunlight Rays as Solar Energy Based on Biodegradable Media.' This innovative study showcased a unique approach to solar energy by utilizing leaf pigments from Philippine oregano, Benguet sunflower, and 'Bangbangsit' as dye-sensitizers for solar panels.

The Silver Lining

Their dedication and ingenuity shone brightly during the 3-day WISPO event from December 14 to 17, 2023, culminating in the well-deserved silver award. Alongside their research coach, Ms. Frances Marie Alinio-Aniceto, the group not only demonstrated scientific prowess but also exemplified the vast potential of their project.

A Testament to Excellence and Ingenuity

Gasatan and Park's journey not only reflects positively on their individual achievements but also elevates the standing of the Philippine Science High School Cordillera. Their success is a testament to the nurturing academic environment that encourages excellence and fosters ingenuity among its students.


In conclusion, the silver award at WISPO 2023 cements Gasatan and Park's place among the rising stars in the global scientific community. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking in solar energy solutions not only brings pride to their school but also contributes to the broader recognition of Filipino talent on the international stage. As these young researchers continue to shine, their success serves as an inspiration for aspiring scientists and innovators, emphasizing the importance of pushing the boundaries of knowledge for a brighter, sustainable future.

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