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Liver Lover Boy: Fugitive Who Ate Victims' Liver Captured after 9 years

Justice is served as Liver Lover Boy, a fugitive with a history of consuming his victims' liver as "pulutan," is finally caught by authorities.

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"Liver Lover Boy," a fugitive accused of escaping jail by killing a prison guard, was finally arrested by authorities in Sitio Sta. Lucia, Pita, Dinalupihan, Bataan.

Sta. Marcela, Apayao - A fugitive, we are gonna call as "Liver Lover Boy," accused of escaping jail by killing a prison guard, was finally arrested by authorities in Sitio Sta. Lucia, Pita, Dinalupihan, Bataan on Friday, October 27.

The apprehended suspect, a 51-year-old resident of Flora, Apayao, had a disturbing criminal history. He was initially arrested for a gruesome double murder in Flora, during which he and his brother allegedly removed the victims' livers and consumed them as "pulutan" during a drinking session before burning the bodies.

Escape and Reign of Terror

After their initial arrest, "Liver Lover Boy" and his brother managed to escape from the provincial jail in Sta. Marcela by killing a prison guard in 2014. During the escape, the fugitive also fatally shot a sibling of another detainee. Despite immediate efforts by authorities to capture them, the fugitive and his brother remained at large until recently.

Elusive Capture

In a statement, Chief of Police Ginabel Dao-inon explained the challenging pursuit of the suspect: "Through our agents, the suspect was eventually arrested. We have been closely monitoring him for a long time, and just last month, someone spotted him in Tarlac. We immediately took action, but he managed to evade us."

The fugitive's arrest was made possible through the collaborative efforts of various law enforcement agencies, including the Apayao Police, led by Police Major June Lawingan, Sta. Marcela MPS, Dinalupihan MPS, RID PRO COR, RMFB 15, RIU 14, and 1st Apayao PMFC.

The arrest was executed based on two warrants issued by the judiciary. The first warrant, issued on December 18, 2014, by Hon. Quirino M. Andaya, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 26 in Luna, Apayao, pertains to a murder case involving the use of an illegally possessed firearm, and it comes with no recommended bail bond. The second warrant, an Alias Warrant of arrest issued on August 2, 2016, by Hon. Francisco S. Donato, Judge Designate of Regional Trial Court, Branch 26, Luna, Apayao, is also related to a murder case, with no bail recommended.

After the successful capture, the fugitive was transported to Apayao and underwent proper documentation. He will be turned over to the court of origin, where he will face justice for his alleged involvement in the gruesome murders, the jailbreak, and the subsequent reign of terror that he and his brother unleashed on the community. The long-awaited apprehension brings a sense of closure to the victims' families and the community that has endured nearly a decade of fear and uncertainty.

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