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What Is INAYAN And Why It's the Secret of the Cordillera Super Cops

The Inayan way of life is the secret why the Cordilleran super cops are the most disciplined Police officers nationwide.

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The recent release of NAPOLCOM that the Police Regional Office Cordillera being the most disciplined Regional Police Office nationwide has been a topic of discussion, drawing voluminous admiration and pride particularly from fellow Cordillerans here and abroad.

As a matter of fact, the Community Evaluation Survey for the first quarter of 2019 reveals near perfect scores for all indices: Satisfaction, Trust, Respect and Safety.

Cordillera Super Cops: Satisfaction, Trust, Respect and Safety Rating

Cordillera Super Cops: Satisfaction, Trust, Respect and Safety Rating

So what is INAYAN you asked?

"Inayan" means to hold back or to prevent an individual from doing something unpleasant towards others or things, living and non-living. A deeper investigation of the word in language culture indicates the word connotes "fear of a Supreme Deity called Kabunian (God) who forewarns or dissuades one from doing anything harmful to others and things."

While most indigenous peoples' culture worldwide have succumbed to modern day's creeping globalization, eroding important cultural values, the Igorot peoples' adherence to a centuries-old principle, called "inayan", has allowed them to respect nature, live sustainably with their ecosystem and live peacefully with their neighbors.

This concept is deeply rooted in the culture of the Igorot people specifically of the Sagada and Besao Applai tribes. The Kankana-ey people of Benguet (iBenget) call it "lawa".

The police force of 1502nd Maneuver Company, being part of the Police Regional Office Cordillera in Mountain Province, has deep understanding of "Inayan" with respect to the cultural beliefs and traditions of the locals. Despite the mix of ethnicity and origin of its personnel, the belief still remains valued as they continue to deliver selfless service to the people.

Indeed, the Regional Police Office-Cordillera are the most disciplined. Long live brave men of the Cordillera!

Cordillera Inayan PNP Super cops Police

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Kudos to all of you, May God bless you more as you do your duty to serve and protect.

Sep 25

The pride to wear the traditional "wanes" (loincloth) during formal occassions is genuinely Igorot. Carry on!

Sep 25
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