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Soyosoy di Dagem by Aladin Bag-ayan (Song Lyrics + Meaning)

Soyosoy di Dagem by Aladin Bag-ayan. Discover the lyrics and meaning of this Kankana-ey song that became an Igorot cultural anthem.

Aladin Bag-ayan's 'Soyosoy di Dagem' emerges as more than a songit's a cultural anthem promoting unity, peace, and a connection to the higher power, Kabunyan.

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of "Soyosoy di Dagem," exploring the enchanting lyrics crafted by the celebrated Igorot artist, Aladin Bag-ayan. Translating to "Breeze of the Wind," this melodic masterpiece carries the essence of Igorot culture, resonating with wisdom and beauty.

In this exploration, discover the unique artistry of Aladin Bag-ayan - his roots, inspirations, and musical genius. We'll unravel the narrative behind the song and delve into the profound meaning of its lyrics. I'll guide you through a line-by-line translation, decoding the hidden gems within "Soyosoy di Dagem."

Discover how "Soyosoy di Dagem" has transcended borders, becoming a viral sensation. Both Igorot and non-Igorot communities, even abroad, have embraced its lively vibe, using it as the backdrop for the traditional Igorot "tayaw" dance. This article is an invitation to connect deeply with Aladin Bag-ayan's music and uncover the stories it tells.

Aladin Bag-ayan

Aladin Bag-ayan: Viral Sensation, Cultural Advocate, and Proud Igorot

Meet Aladin Bag-ayan, a talented Igorot artist from Bakun, Benguet, whose viral sensation, "Soyosoy di Dagem," catapulted him to fame. As the writer and performer of this anthem, he gained popularity on Session Road, turning his composition into an anthem across the Cordilleras and beyond.

Photo: R Dimas Tv

Going viral brought Aladin numerous benefits, leading to performances at various events. Beyond music, Aladin, a skilled guitarist and flutist, shares his artistry on "Aladin TV," raising funds for charitable causes. On stages, his heartfelt renditions reflect a commitment to preserving Cordilleran cultural richness. Aladin Bag-ayan emerges not just as a musician but as a proud Igorot figure advocating positive change.

Photo: R Dimas Tv

"Soyosoy di Dagem" Lyrics

Mansuyosoy nan dagem
mangisingpa sinan nemnem
Siya metlang ayos di danum
maymayat si deng-dengngen

Verse I:
Umisem ka ay gayyem
ta adim en nenem-nemen
Problemas kase-semsem
ipatayaw mo isan dagem

Verse II:
Eyak pay ikan-kansyon
mail-ilak sinan lubong
Ipugaw man iibaw
nemnem da san maul-ulaw
Ngem eyak pay ibuga-bugaw
urnos, kapya kumay lumsaw

Verse III:
Gayyem ko bumangon ka
ta tangadem pay ed daya
Mantalek tako'n Sisya
tan Sisya di nam-nama
Gayyem ko adika maupay
didigra ay sumangbay
Si Kabunyan makauway
basta din bilin na yan egen mus uway

Mansuyosoy nan dagem
mangisingpa sinan nemnem
Siya metlang ayos di danum
maymayat si deng-dengngen

Dongdong-ay si Dong-ilay
Insinalidumma-ay (2x)

Verse I (Reprise):
Umisem ka ay gayyem
ta adim en nenem-nemen
Problemas kase-semsem
ipatayaw mo isan dagem

Decoding "Soyosoy di Dagem": Translations and Insights

Embark on a profound journey as we decipher the profound meaning embedded in Aladin Bag-ayan's masterpiece, "Soyosoy di Dagem." In this section, we'll provide rough translations, aiming to delve into the essence of each line, shedding light on the cultural and emotional intricacies that make this Igorot sensation truly remarkable. Keep in mind that these translations are not optimized for singing.

Mansuyosoy nan dagem, mangisingpa sinan nemnem
(The wind gently blows, calming the mind)

Siya metlang ayos di danum, maymayat si deng-dengngen
(Like the gentle flow of water, truly pleasant to the ears)

In these lines, the chorus paints a serene picture, mirroring the calm and tranquil environment reminiscent of the mountains in the Cordillera region.

Umisem ka ay gayyem, ta adim en nenem-nemen, Problemas kase-semsem
(Smile, my friend, so you won't think about depressing problems)

ipatayaw mo isan dagem
(Throw them to the wind)

In these lines, though it is self-explanatory, the singer encourages the listener to smile, urging them to forget about their problems and allow the wind to carry them away.

Eyak pay ikan-kansyon, mail-ilak sinan lubong
(While I sing about the things I observe in this world)

Ipugaw man iibaw, nemnem da san maul-ulaw
(People are in conflict, their minds lost in confusion)

Ngem eyak pay ibuga-bugaw, urnos, kapya kumay lumsaw
(Yet I persistently shout, for order and peace to prevail)

In these lines, the singer expresses the act of singing about the observations in the world. The singer acknowledges the conflicts where people fight, their minds lost in confusion. Despite this, the singer persists in shouting for peace and the triumph of order.

Gayyem ko bumangon ka, ta tangadem pay ed daya
(My friend, rise up, and look up above)

Mantalek tako'n Sisya, tan Sisya di nam-nama
(Let's place our trust in Him, for He is our hope)

Gayyem ko adika maupay, didigra ay sumangbay
(My friend, do not be disheartened by the challenges you face)

Si Kabunyan makauway, basta din bilin na yan egen mus uway
(God will provide, as long as you hold steadfast to His teachings)

In these lines, the singer encourages the listener to rise and look above, emphasizing trust in God as the ultimate source of hope. The listener is advised not to be disheartened by the challenges they face, with the assurance that God will provide, as long as they hold steadfast to His teachings.

Dongdong-ay si Dong-ilay

These lines feature chants that hold a special place in Igorot culture. While the specific meanings of these chants remain unexplained, they contribute to the cultural richness of "Soyosoy di Dagem." In Igorot tradition, certain phrases and chants often carry deep spiritual and cultural significance, adding a layer of mystery and tradition to the song. If you have insights or explanations about these chants, I invite you to share your knowledge and contribute to the understanding of this cultural gem.

"Soyosoy di Dagem": A Positive Ode to Igorot Culture

In the enchanting melody of "Soyosoy di Dagem," accompanied by the rhythmic beats of traditional instruments like the resonant gong, Aladin Bag-ayan crafts not just a song but a celebration of Igorot culture. The infusion of traditional elements, especially the lively gong, not only pays homage to cultural roots but also invites the vibrant spirit of Igorot dance, particularly the traditional tayaw.

Beyond its musical allure, the song emerges as a beacon of positivity. It stands as a testament to resilience, urging listeners to face challenges with a smile and cast their troubles to the wind. The use of the gong, a symbolic and traditional instrument, amplifies the cultural pride embedded in the composition.

At its core, "Soyosoy di Dagem" becomes more than a musical piece; it transforms into a cultural anthem, promoting unity, peace, and a connection with a higher power. The positive message woven into the lyrics transcends language barriers, resonating with listeners far beyond the Igorot community.

As the gong reverberates in harmony with Aladin's uplifting lyrics, the song becomes a celebration of life, a dance of joy amidst challenges, and an ode to the rich tapestry of Igorot heritage. Through its positive vibrations and cultural resonance, "Soyosoy di Dagem" echoes not only as a musical masterpiece but as a cultural gem that beckons all to join in the dance of life and celebration. The reference to the higher power, known as "Kabunyan" in Igorot culture, emphasizes the spiritual connection, inviting everyone to look up to God as a source of hope and strength.

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