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6 Cordillerans among Top Outstanding Students of the Philippines 2021 Finalists

Six students from the Cordilleras are among the 30 finalists for the Top 10 Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) 2021.

Six Cordilleran students among finalists for the Top 10 Outstanding Students of the Philippines 2021

For its 57th edition, the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) Foundation has named its 30 finalists for this year's commendation and formation program, highlighting the youth's role in nation-building amid the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

With its unending tradition of nurturing and honing the country's next leaders, TOSP gathered the 30 national finalists for a three-day virtual program with its aim to strengthen the student's character as individuals, fortify their values as servant leaders, and reinforce their belief in themselves and their countrymen.

Six students from the Cordillera are finalists for Top 10 Outstanding Students of the Philippines PIA Cordillera

Among this year's finalists are six (6) students from the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR).

  1. Joven Wadwachan of Baguio Central University.

  2. Alladin A. Bañez is a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Major in Marketing Management student of Benguet State University.

    "I am #BAYANi because I practice sacrifice every day to make my life and the life of people around me a little bit better." - Bañez, Alladin A.

  3. Denmark Butic is a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science student of Ifugao State University.

    "I am #BAYANi for I have reverberated myself as an accomplished youth, a teacher, a researcher and an advocate to my fellow students, the youth and my community." - Butic, Denmark P.

  4. Edgar Christian Dirige of Saint Louis University.

  5. Austin Miguelle Ogad of Saint Louis University.

  6. Von Ameri Escobar from Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology.

Founded in 1961 by businessman Jose Concepcion Jr., TOSP has evolved from an awards program to a youth movement that believes in the youth's capacity and idealism and galvanizes them to action. In the past year alone, its alumni across the country not only helped those displaced by disasters but also brought hope to communities most affected by the impact of COVID-19.

Complete list of the 30 finalists for the Ten 10 Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) 2021:

  1. Patricia Adora Alcala (Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation)
  2. Alladin Bañez (Benguet State University)
  3. Francis Edward Blanco (Bataan Peninsula State University- Balanga Campus)
  4. Denmark Butic (Ifugao State University)
  5. Noli Cabildo† (University of Northern Philippines)
  6. Hyacinth Rose Caño (University of Bohol)
  7. Reynalene Rose Ceynas (St. Paul University-Dumaguete)
  8. Ivan Christopher Cordevilla (Foundation University)
  9. Eugene Dadol (University of San Carlos-Talamban Campus)
  10. Michael Angelo Dejando (West Visayas State University)
  11. Rose Jade Eugenie Delgado (Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila)
  12. Edgar Christian Dirige (Saint Louis University)
  13. Von Ameri Escobar (Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology)
  14. Jan Christian Española (Central Philippine University)
  15. Frances Ann Marie Gumapac (De La Salle Lipa)
  16. Romeo Latoza Jr. (Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Manila)
  17. John Elmer Loretizo (Central Philippine University)
  18. Cheeni Mabbayad (St. Paul University Philippines)
  19. Sarah Jane Macarubbo (St. Paul University Philippines)
  20. John Emmanuel Magtibay (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities)
  21. Kenneth Miranda (Dr. Yanga's Colleges Inc.)
  22. Relynne Miranda (Baliuag University)
  23. Austin Miguelle Ogad (Saint Louis University)
  24. Marvin Pamisa (Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan)
  25. Jonato Mark Pardiñas (Universidad de Sta. Isabel)
  26. Erlyn Ivy Rago (Cebu Institute of Technology-University)
  27. Kimberly Siazar (University of St. La Salle)
  28. Sarah Joy Simblante (Southern Christian College)
  29. Joven Wadwachan (Baguio Central University)
  30. Lee Edson Yarcia (University of the Philippines-Diliman)

TOSP Foundation Inc. President Marie Concepcion-Young noted that these finalists not only lived as role models to their peers but also actualized the essence of TOSP-youth participation in nation-building.

"Each finalist has their own story on inspiring excellence, servant-leadership, and culture of concern. Young as they are, they used their skills and capacities to impact significant change in their communities in the hopes that the Philippines can move forward," Concepcion-Young said.

At the end of this year's formation program-which will be held over the course of three weekends, culminating in an awards ceremony on December 1-Concepcion-Young said it is their hope that these young leaders continue to serve their cause and their generation as "it is only in service that we find a deeper meaning to our existence."

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