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Igorot Music Video Project Success

Angels Among Us (our Poor earners, unfortunate Street Dwellers, Peddlers, Taho and Ice Cream Sellers and sweepers who sacrifices to earn honest living

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Breakfast and lunch, CJH Manor
Breakfast and lunch, CJH Manor

Mga Kakailyans, Kaigorotak,Ken Ka Cordillerans, It Certainly was a Great, Vacation, Opportunity, Pleasure and Honor to meet our Talented Igorot Idols PGT's 4th placer Ma'am Ingrid Payaket and Phillipine Idol 2019 Sir Roque Belino during the "Panagbenga Festival".

2 young, Humble , Respecful and powerful Baguio Celebrities, it was such a blessing to meet both up close and person.

Short Notice, Rush but successful Music - Video Production, it is something we can be proud of.

I'd like to thank both celebrities to their open door policy to accommodating my project request despite of their busy schedules

Also extending for appreciation to "Dawn Chico Rio"/ Baguio's one of the finest Digital Media Artists for his stellar Video Graphing and The Home of Praise Music Studio Mr. Erwin Wife Marina Gigante and Children for their clever participation and inspiring contribution to my MVP. Thank you TEAM!!

To me YOU ARE ALL EARTH ANGELS. What a blast! Bravo Zulu to All who made the project successful with lapse in time. cape-less heroes and wingless Angels.

CTTO the beautiful people and sceneries of Baguio warmest applause

Special thanks to our extremely talented children singers, Rhodney Glenn Fernandez (PWD from sSablan,)HOP"s eldest daughter Noah Jireh S. Gigante and Dwayne Jones Antonio.a true blue baguio Boy

Below is the link for the successful launching of the music-video project. PLEASE LIKE, WATCH, SHARE @ COMMENT to the below YouTube link:

Blessings, Toy nakurapay nga kailyan-PWD Injured Veteran of Foreign War-VFW

"First To Communicate" , "Voice of the Pacific, First in Support " Logistics Supply Chain Expert COCO, SFCO, K.O. & Founder & CEO of VTF LLC

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