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Q and A's Civilian Vs. Military Nurse

Civilian Vs. Military Nurse

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"Sometimes I inspire my Patients; but more often They inspire Me." Unk. USAF CPT (03) Genesis Karlo T. Santos
"Sometimes I inspire my Patients; but more often They inspire Me." Unk. USAF CPT (03) Genesis Karlo T. Santos

Proud Cordilleran and Pines City College Graduate-Working as a Nurse is a peculiar opportunity that permits you to provide health and medical care for those who are sick.

pAnyone interested in a specialized area in nursing, you could consider a career as a Civilian Nurse or an USAF Officer Nurse. Knowing the distinctions between the two may help you know and keep you aware Nursing path is right for your career. In this article, I want to discuss the differences between an Air Force Nurse and a Civilian Nurse, including Pay, work environment, skills, and requirements.

Air Force Nurse is a medical professional who specializes in care for Military Personnel in particular. They may care for active-duty personnel, retirees, and their family members. Air Force Nurse. USAF Nurses also provide medical support to service members wherever they are needed. They also provide care for the Allied Forces (NATO), work with Medical Professionals from other countries and help provide humanitarian aid to countries in need. A few duties of an Air Force Nurse include:

Monitoring patient's vital signs, Operating various medical devices, Setting up and maintaining triage, Creating care plans for critical patients, Administering medication and handle informatics duties.

US Military Nurses deploy and support Medical and Global Contengencies including the NATO -North Atlantic Treaty Organization Allies' Military Missions Worldwide.

USAF Nursing personnel and the US Military Pay and Benefits are the best of the bests in the world and second to none, in order to become one,

You must have completed A Degree and or Masters from Any accredited College or University in the USA, U.S. Ccitizen or Rresident Alien and must be a Green Card Holder GPA of 3.5 with no Criminal record.

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