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University Graduation Honors Double Degree- Summa Cum Laude!

A 'Double degree with Distinction', one of the university's highest citations, is awarded to Cordilleran, Maynah Borja Erece, upon re-evaluation.

Maynah Borja Erece, Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Critical Writing and Bachelor of Science major in Psychology, summa cum laude done in 3 1/2 years

University Scholar Maynah Josephine Lourellen Borja Erece expected to graduate with a double degree with higher second class honours (magna cum laude equivalent) from the University of Southern Queensland based on unofficial results when a surprise e-mail sent from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor informed her that upon final, official evaluation, she is awarded one of the university's highest academic award citations- 'with Distinction'.

Official Letter from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Maynah graduated with a double degree with Distinction (summa cum laude)- a Bachelor of Arts major in Creative and Critical Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology* from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia on December 15, 2022. She was a Vice Chancellor's Scholar from 2019-2022 and received the Most Notable Achievement Award from the electorate of Jordan, Queensland in 2019. The 'with Distinction' citation from the University of Southern Queensland is equivalent to a 'summa cum laude' citation in American universities.

Maynah Borja Erece with USQ Chancellor John Thornbusch

Apart from academics, Maynah is also an author, a ballerina (Royal Academy of Dance), dance choreographer, a Taekwondo martial artist, an events coordinator and community leader. Maynah co-manages a not for profit company, Lupang Hinirang Pty Ltd that is in partnership with the State of Queensland and Ipswich City governments for inclusive socio-cultural events like the Philippines Australia Autumn Festival and the upcoming Grand Autumn Festival in Springfield 2023 in May that will showcase as a finale, her original concept and creation of a "theatre in the park" that is free to the public.

Maynah advocates for empowering children with special needs and in her capacity as co-director of World XCV, her personal global advocacy that gives a voice to those who are not heard and to spread the values of Faith, Hope and Love. To join her in this advocacy, read chapters from her upcoming book or just to communicate ideas with her directly via the Society M3 social media links.

L-R Dr. Maynard Erece, Chancellor John Dornbusch, Maynah Borja Erece, Atty. Jozef Borja Erece, Dr. Josephine Ana Borja-Erece

Lakay is an educator and long-time global advocate for gifted and talented education. A story of struggles and triumphs of new migrants in Australia.

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