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Cordillera Coronavirus Updates (LIVE)

Cordillera regional coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) live updates.

We will include ongoing daily updates with timestamps below. We'll also keep our list of resources and advice updated as new information becomes available.

April 3rd, 9PM - PHT

City Health Services Office reports that as of today April 3, 1pm CHSO data, there is no new COVID-19 positive case in the last 24 hours and for the past six days the confirmed case in the city stands at 13 with 1 death.

Baguio City COVID-19 update, Apr 3

  • Of the 13 confirmed cases
    • 4 have already recovered
    • a 55 year old male and 52 year old female residents of Metro Manila
    • two females
    • 61 and 70 year old residents in the City
    • 9 patients still admitted in hospital
  • There are 26 Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) admitted in hospitals and 153 on home isolation.
  • For the Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs)
    • 1,029 cases under 14-day quarantine
    • 1567 have completed the 14 day quarantine
    • while 7 are in an isolation facility (those advised for home isolation but not possible in their house due to lack of rooms).

March 30th, 1AM - PHT

The number of COVID-19 cases in the Cordillera has reached 16.

COVID-19 Laboratory confirmed cases as of March 30, 2020 DOH-Cordillera

According to the Department of Health-Cordillera's list, COVID-19 has a total of 16 cases in the region.

12 out of 16 positive cases have been reported in the city of Baguio.

According to the agency, Benguet and Abra each have two cases of COVID-19.

The agency ensures that such patients are in good condition.

According to the agency, there are up to 680 persons under investigation (PUIs) in the Cordillera.

Of these, 20 were from Abra, 53 in Apayao, 138 in Baguio City, 384 in Benguet, 10 in Ifugao, 40 in Kalinga and 35 in Mountain Province.

March 27th, 2AM - PHT

COVID-positive cases throughout the Cordillera reached FIVE

Up to five positive cases of COVID-19 throughout the Cordillera region have been reported.

According to the latest data from the Baguio City Health Services Office, earlier this afternoon, four laboratory-confirmed COVID cases in Baguio were reported while two were presumptive positive and one died.

The third case was a 23-year-old man from Baguio who arrived in the city on March 13 from Pasig.

He had symptoms on March 16 and had self-quarantine and consulted on March 23 because of the constant itchiness of his throat.

He was admitted to a Level 3 hospital in the city and is in stable condition as well as the second and fourth COVID-19 positive cases of Baguio.

It will be recalled that the first COVID-positive case in the Cordillera Region came from Abra, a Filipino seaman in the UAE who is also in stable condition.

For now, the DOH-Cordillera is awaiting the results of a lab test of two persons under investigation in the region that have died.

Meanwhile, Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong personally visited the city's problematic barangays to see residents' compliance with Enhanced Community Quarantine policies and city hygiene laws.

Earlier, the mayor locked down Barangay Pinget last night as he warned Barangay San Carlos Heights and Barangay Quezon Hill Extension of the same fate if they failed to comply with community quarantine policy.

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