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Baguio's First Ever Wellness Residential Tower Rises In 2 Years

Home is where Luxury and Wellness meet at the soon-to-rise Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers in Baguio City!

Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers Facade

"Saleng" is a kind of pine tree found in the mountains of the Cordillera Region. And as a plant that grows only in high-altitude areas, it exemplifies the ingenuity of highland culture. A unique property like Saleng Towers will surely appeal to anyone looking to call the City of Pines home!

An eclectic mix of Classic European and Cordilleran elements inspired its architecture. And as a first for Casa-Infini Builders and Realty Co. Ltd., the CEO, who is a Cordilleran herself, made sure to incorporate her roots into this project. Our developer is a company headed by seasoned professionals in the fields of construction and real estate. So whether you're looking for an elegant long-lasting home or a stable source of income in Baguio, look no further!

The amenities of a residential tower are, in my opinion, its soul. If they are absent, the property lacks what it truly means to be a home. In Baguio City, the Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers are the first of their kind to offer holistic wellness amenities in a residential building.

Residents and members can relax and detox in a sauna room before heading into the massage and scrub area where they can experience world-class therapy in an elegant setting. For the aquaphiles out there, feel the warm moving water soothe your muscles as you submerge in a party jacuzzi with friends and loved ones. Those are just some of the exciting features waiting for you to experience in Baguio City!

This July 30, 2022, we are officially launching Saleng Spa and Wellness Towers at the site where it will soon rise! I haven't told you everything yet so might as well go ahead and attend our Open House this Saturday at Gilbraltar, Baguio City! Crazy curious about what else is in store? Me too! We'll keep on writing about what's to come, so be on the lookout!

Stanley Bawalan | Sine Cordillera

Sine Cordillera is especially launched by Be Unrivaled Productions. To unleash the Talent of aspiring and promising talents here in Cordillera.

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