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Climate Change Will Make Baguio A Real Estate Haven for Investors

Why Climate Change Will Make Baguio and also the BLISTT area a Real Estate Haven for investors and everyone.

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We are not here to argue if climate change is a conspiracy or not. Because every scientist and big mind in the world all agrees on this phenomenon with evidence and facts. I think we can all agree that the lowland areas of the Philippines are becoming hotter and extra humid.

The highest heat index was recorded at Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Reached 52°C at 2 pm on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Comparing to Baguio the last record high heat index was April 18, 2016, at 26 degrees Celsius. But the prevailing heat index was at 29 degrees Celsius. All of this reading is from PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration).

That is still tolerable for me if you might ask rather than the scorching 52 degrees Celsius plus humidity. As for me, I will not migrate to the lowlands, I am biased right now guys but I don't care, I love my city of pines.

I am ENCOURAGING everyone to buy real estate in BLISTT Area Now

To those who do not know the meaning of BLISTT, it means Baguio - La Trinidad - Itogon - Sablan - Tuba and Tublay. All of these areas are located in the Benguet Province region CAR. Why we would like to buy properties right now?

Well, I have 3 good reasons for you if you like to consider my suggestions. Kindly keep on reading and let me know in the comments what you think about these ideas.

1. The unbeatable cold weather of the region

I had clients who have visited the said good climate areas in Visayas and Mindanao. They shared their personal experience to me that Baguio's and Benguet's weather is far better than the places they have gone. Because of this, they chose to retire here because of the cool and bearable climate Baguio Benguet can provide.

Baguio's geographical location which one of the most northern parts of the country. With its mountainous ranges, and cool northeast monsoon season that prevails between October and early March. Makes its city and its nearby province a destination to many to escape the blistering heat of the lowlands.

As I have posted on some of my blogs Baguio city is dub as the only Summer Capital of the country. Which is one of its great economic stimuli is the influx of tourists and students that would like to study in well-established universities. These People and young students coming and experiencing the weather of the highlands right now. It is not far-fetched to claim that they would like to stay here also someday.

That's why I have clients who are students before in the '70s to '90s in universities and colleges. That would like to retire in Baguio or just to have a second home in the city of pines. Baguio has that magic that everyone who would enjoy its place and the native people here is always friendly and pleasant to be with.

2. Decentralization of government and road networks

We all know that the government is decentralizing its offices and institutions in Metro Manila and spreading it out in the Northern part of Luzon. This is good in major provinces and city including Baguio. One of these benefits is the major road network infrastructure, where before you will travel in Baguio for 6 to 7 hours and now you can do it for 3.5 hours. Road trip anyone?

I would like to include the build build build project outer ring circumferential road. Where it connects all the BLISTT area and if you don't like to pass in Baguio, you can just bypass it now. You can come to La-Trinidad by using already these alternative routes. The BBB project also created a new attraction which is The Great Wall of Baguio. Where you can have a great vista of the mountains and IG-worthy selfie pics.

Many major developments are being implemented in the Northern Luzon area from infrastructure to transportation. These developments have sparked a new era of real estate opportunities. The best time to start your real estate investment journey is NOW. Call your trusted real estate professional and discuss on what is the best property developments to buy.

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"For my success will be your success, and your success will be my most tremendous success." -Timons Cabansi

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