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Over 100 Individuals in Baguio City Arrested for Violating Quarantine Protocols

Over 100 individuals were arrested in Baguio City for violating the home quarantine and 24-hour curfew implemented in the city.

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21 individuals in Baguio City arrested for violating quarantine protocols

21 individuals were arrested in Baguio City for violating the home quarantine and 24-hour curfew enforced in conjunction with the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine throughout Luzon.

According to Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) director PCol. Allen Rae Co. On Friday night, seven people were arrested because they had no apparent reason why they were outside despite the strict mandate that they should be indoors.

He added that an additional 14 individuals were arrested this Saturday for lack of a valid reason for exiting their homes.

As a result, Co reiterated that the 24-hour curfew was effective in Baguio City, particularly from 9am to 5:00 am, with the presence of people on the roads restricted.

He added that they would be more stringent in examining the reasons for people not following the curfew.

He warned violators of the protocols that police would arrest them, including those who used to drink outside the home.

Meanwhile, Mayor Benjamin Magalong has warned of lockdown in a barangay in Baguio due to the lack of residents' discipline and their failure to comply with the provisions of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Residents of Barangay Pinget have been granted until Saturday to ensure compliance with the protocols.


Thirty eight more individuals were apprehended today bringing the total to 114 violators of the 24-hour curfew.They were released at about 8 PM same date after they were lectured on the mechanics of the curfew and the COVID-19 ECQ and were warned sternly not to repeat the same offense or be arrested and be charged accordingly.

Curfew dragnet yields 76 violators as of 4:30 PM March 21

They mean business.

The Baguio City Police Office has arrested 76 individuals for curfew violations as of 4:30 PM today March 21, 2020.

BCPO City Director P/Col. Allen Rae Co said personnel of Station 7 led by PMaj. Marlo Evasco and the City Mobile Force Company led by PLt.Col. Jethro Moog undertook the operation at the Central Business District.

The apprehended individuals were out on the streets on non-essential chores, according to Co.

They were brought to Station 7 for proper disposition of their offenses.

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