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Youths in Northern Luzon Join Peace Month Celebration, Call for Unity and Peace

Cordillera Youth Leaders and Youth for Peace, Northern Luzon joined the culmination of the peace month celebration and call for peace and unity.

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The Cordillera Youth Leaders echoed their call for peace and unity as they danced to the beat of the Gong, in their cultural presentation.
The Cordillera Youth Leaders echoed their call for peace and unity as they danced to the beat of the Gong, in their cultural presentation.

Peace-loving youths from various parts and tribes of Northern Luzon joined the peace month celebration and reverberated their call for peace and unity.

Members and leaders of the Cordillera Youth Leaders (CYL) and Youth for Peace, Northern Luzon Command (YFP-NOLCOM) participated in the culmination of the peace month celebration dubbed as "Hiraya Festival" with the theme "Nagkakaisang Kabataan para sa Kapayapaan" on September 30, 2022, held at SM City, Novaliches, Quezon City.

The program serves as a venue to establish a strong alliance among different youth organizations nationwide that support advocacies against armed struggle, the use of illegal drugs, and terrorism. It also aims to highlight the importance of youth in implementing and fostering permanent peace in the nation.

Aside from that, the "Hiraya Festival" provided an opportunity for talented youth from all over the Philippines to showcase their skills and art. The Cordillera Youth Leaders echoed their call for peace and unity as they danced to the beat of the Cordillera Gong, a symbol of unity in diversity, in their cultural presentation at the Hiraya Festival.

Amy C. Accatan, president of the CYL, shared a message with her fellow youth and urged them to unite and be peace ambassadors in their communities and desist from the peace spoilers such as the deceitful organizations of the Communist Terrorist Group.

"Let us unite in peace; despite our cultural diversity, we have one goal and one aspiration, and that is peace." Accatan stated.

Meanwhile, the Youth for Peace, Northern Luzon Command demonstrated their active participation in building the foundation of lasting peace through a Guerilla Theatre focus on ending Communist Terrorism.

The said youth organizations also signed a manifesto of commitment to take part in the government's peace and development efforts.

The Hiraya Festival truly harnessed the power of music, poetry, drama, and speeches presented by the young people to galvanize support for peace and unity. It also demonstrated that, be it songs, dances, theatrical performances, or poetry, these youths' message was clear: a long-term peace and unity for our country.

The activity was organized by the Civil Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines (CRSAFP) in partnership with the Kabataan Kontra Droga at Terrorismo (KKDAT) Philippines and the Youth for Peace and Development Movement (YFPDM).

The annual commemoration of National Peace Consciousness Month every September is pursuant to Proclamation No. 675 of 2004.

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