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50 Best Things to Do in Baguio City

If you are looking for the best places to visit and what to do in the city of pines, then check out our list of 50 best things to do in Baguio City.

Top 50 things to do in Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Photo: Juliwill Mallari

Baguio City has made a mark as a major tourist destination in the Northern part of the Philippines with its cool climate, foggy hills, panoramic views, and beautiful flowers.

Being the perfect convergence of the mountainous neighborhoods, Baguio is the melting pot of different peoples and cultures and has strengthened its ability to provide an educational center for its neighbors. The rich culture and countless resources have attracted many investments and business opportunities in the city.

Do you think you have done all the things that should be done in the Summer Capital of the Philippines? Check out this list to see what you've missed! All these activities are located within the city of pines.

50 best things to do in Baguio City:

  1. Learn about the city's history in the Baguio Museum.

  2. Ride a bike at Burnham Park.

  3. Row a boat at the Burnham Lake.

    Burnham Lake boats Jacob Franco

  4. Have a picnic at Burnham Park.

  5. Stroll at Burnham Park.

    Burnham Lake at night Joanna Marie

  6. Buy fresh produce at Baguio City Market.

    Baguio Public Market Raymond Omanito

  7. Purchase pasalubong in Good Shepherd's convent.

  8. Stroll in its vicinity while you're there.

  9. Watch the sunrise at Mine's View Park.

    First sunrise of 2021, Mine's View Park Neil Clark Ongchangco

  10. Purchase a potted plant from Baguio City Orchidarium.

  11. Take your photos in Dominican Hill Retreat House.

  12. Visit the Mansion.

  13. Ride a horse at Wright Park.

    A horse for rent at Wright Park Nitram Cotayac Niatsirhc

  14. Stroll at Camp John Hay.

  15. Get an adrenaline rush at Tree Top Adventure Nature Park.

  16. Have a forest bathing session at Camp John Hay.

    Forest bathing at Yellow Trail, Baguio City Kyrke Stephen Jaleco

  17. Marvel at the sight of butterflies in Butterfly Sanctuary.

  18. Travel back in time at the Bell House.

  19. Say goodbye to bad vibes at the Cemetery of Negativism.

  20. Have more picnic time at Camp John Hay.

  21. Have a great meal at Good Taste Restaurant.

  22. Buy selected second-hand goods at Skyworld and Prime Hotel.

  23. Get more ukay-ukay in Bayanihan.

  24. Ukay-ukay till you drop at Hilltop.

  25. Shop to your heart's (and pocket's) delight at the Harrison Road Night Market.

    Baguio Night Market Kael Bacudio

  26. Have a street food galore at the Harrison Road Night Market.

  27. Get a relaxing fish spa at Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers Fish Spa

  28. Immerse yourself in art and culture at Tam-awan Village.

  29. Have your portrait drawn at Tam-awan Village.

  30. Indulge in Cordilleran food at the Farmer's Daughter Restaurant.

    Farmer's Daughter Restaurant

  31. Enjoy a round of billiards or bowling in Puyat Sports.

  32. Play archery in Pandora's Box Archery Range and Imaginarium.

  33. Wander at the Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary.

  34. Stroll up and down session road.

    Session Road, Baguio City at night Jenny Grace Gane Simeon

  35. Pray at the Baguio City Cathedral.

  36. Count how many steps are there from Session Road to Cathedral.

  37. Climb up the Lourdes Grotto.

  38. Watch the process of traditional weaving at the Easter Weaving Room.

  39. Buy your woven souvenir while you're there.

  40. Learn about the ways of the military at the Philippine Military Academy.

  41. Have a spooky (or not) adventure at the Old Diplomat Hotel.

    Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City Prince Win Vino

  42. Contemplate and reflect at Pink Sisters' Convent and Chapel.

  43. Study history in a fun way at Emilio F. Aguinaldo Museum.

  44. Have a gastronomic delight while surrounded by artistic pieces at Galleria de Potenciana.

  45. Go for adventure rides at Sky Ranch Baguio.

    Sky Ranch, Baguio City Ryan L. Nucup

  46. Find some books to read at Bookends Baguio.

  47. Explore new flavors of beer at the Baguio Craft Brewery.

  48. Get a glimpse of Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and more at the Baguio Botanical Garden.

    Botanical Garden, Baguio City Alvin Joseph Solis

  49. Walk through the Japanese tunnel at the Baguio Botanical Garden.

  50. Have your dose of shinrin-yoku at the Baguio Botanical Garden.

Apart from what to do in Baguio City, many activities are waiting for you in nearby municipalities such as La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, and Tublay.

About the author: This article (revised) was shared exclusively by our friend Donnabeth Tolano-Aniban with the Igorotage team. Donnabeth is a licensed Filipino nurse and a former teacher. She now works as an academic writer and also writes on Medium. Her work has been featured in Her View From Home and When In Manila. You can get her book "50 Ideas For A Great Life" on Shopee.

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