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Newly crowned Miss Ivadoi 2023 is an igorota microbiology student

With their innate elegance, grace, and cultural pride, Ibaloi women have consistently made their mark in local and international beauty competitions

In the enchanting province of Benguet, where the mountains meet the sky, a captivating pageant unfolds, showcasing the beauty and grace of the Ibaloi tribe.

Ms. Ivadoi 2023, a prestigious event that pays homage to the Ibaloi heritage, promises to dazzle audiences with its fusion of tradition, glamour, and the spirit of global unity.

Amongst the 9 candidates, Ricka Fe Acosta has been crowned as the new ambassadress of the Cordilleran Ibaloi community.

The 22-year old microbiology student voiced her purpose with elegance and pride as she bagged the title with her winning statement on how she can contribute to the betterment of the upcoming renovation within the Ibaloi park.

"By telling our organizers and builders to create a 2-story avong...and of course input all the traditional materials that the Ibaloi people have and teach the other people about the Ibaloi culture and traditions below the building. Because I know that we can actually create more of the cultures of the we can incorporate the modern world and of course our tradition...our old tradition of the ibaloi community" expressed the newly crowned Queen.


As the anticipation builds during the grand coronation night of Ms. Ivadoi 2023, the Onjoy ti Ibaloi board has decided to give every candidate a chance to vye for the coveted question and answer portion instead of cutting the contenders from 9 to top 5, a daring twist from the traditional process of pageantry cuts.

Ms. Ivadoi 2023 has proven to transcend the boundaries of a typical beauty pageant, aiming to crown not just a queen but also a global ambassador.

The winner, Rika Fe Acosta, of this esteemed competition will embark on a transformative journey, venturing across the globe to represent the Ibaloi tribe and collaborate with different international Ibaloi groups through the BIBAK community.

Adding to the significance of Ms. Ivadoi 2023, the crowned winner will proudly represent Benguet in higher platforms in the national scale.

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