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A fresh face of Cordilleran country music

After his winning rendition of Keith Whitleys Dont Close Your Eyes, this young country singer continues to swoon the region.

Country Music Baby. Jason Andaya during his preliminary look (left) and final look (right) during the Baguio County Fair Solo Country singing competition. : Deyniel Corpuz

After captivating the streets of session road with his winning rendition of Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes", this young country singer continues to swoon the region.

Jason Andaya has recently made waves as the Grand-winner in the Solo singing category at this year's Baguio County Fair. But his journey towards success goes beyond this recent achievement, as his roots and passion for music run deep.

A Chorale Scholar Turned Country Star

Hailing from Kapangan, Jason's musical journey began long before his recent triumph at the Baguio County Fair.

During his college years, he honed his skills as a chorale scholar, immersing himself in the world of music and developing a deep passion for country music. This experience laid the foundation for his thriving career in country music.

Since his recent win, Jason has been the talk of the town. His captivating performances have led to numerous invitations to prestigious events like Mr and Ms Tuba 2023, Ginoo at Binibining Hiraya 2023 Gala, and the Department of Trade and Industries MSME Expo.

In addition to his performances, Jason is also working on his upcoming song covers, further solidifying his position in the country music scene.

Beyond the realm of country music

A multifaceted talent, Jason is proving his versatility by making his mark as a rising events host. His dynamic personality and captivating voice have made him a sought-after talent in the events industry. He has also judged for local pageants and talent shows.

Moreover, his voice has also caught the attention of the industry, making him a sought-after Voice Over artist.

The Cowboys of the Philippines

The Igorots, indigenous peoples of the Cordillera, have earned the moniker "cowboys of the Philippines." Their close connection with the land, livestock, and nature has created a natural affinity for country music. Wherein the genre's raw storytelling and celebration of rural life align with the values and experiences of the Cordillera's indigenous communities.

Country music's popularity in the Cordillera region can be traced back to the early 20th century when American influences began to shape the local music scene. This cultural exchange led to the evolution of Cordilleran country music where it has been championed by notable singers like Ingrid Payaket and Roque Belingon.

Jason Andaya's extraordinary talent catapulted him as a new face of country music in Baguio City. With his soulful voice and deep passion for the genre, he continues to elevate and advocate country music in the Cordillera region.

His soulful performances can be watched through the links below:

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