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A module of grade two pupils in Baguio City with offensive pictures demeaning the image of the soldiers in the community.

A module of grade two pupils in Baguio City with offensive pictures demeaning the image of the soldiers in the community.
A module of grade two pupils in Baguio City with offensive pictures demeaning the image of the soldiers in the community.

Deceiving Module

I am quite concerned about the module of grade two pupils in Baguio City that went viral over social media recently, because of offensive pictures demeaning the image of the soldiers in the community. As depicted in the module, this is a community with soldiers drinking, hurting and pointing guns at civilians and stealing chickens.

What kind of messaging that our educators are trying to convey to the pupils? The activity in the module is to cross out the ones in the picture that are unpleasant or not good to do in a community. Can’t they think of another picture or scene that suit the objectives of the lesson they want to impart? Such images should not be instilled in the young minds.

It is insulting to soldiers who are doing their job well. It is not fair, because as an ordinary citizen I have seen a lot of good things done by the soldiers in the community, like the Bayanihan activities Brigada Eskwela they do in the schools and more. Is this a left propaganda?

Rather, why not help children understand that their lives and their freedom are the result of the sacrifices made by the soldiers? Shaping them to be truly patriotic and tell them the good things that soldiers have done in the community, their devotion, loyalty and sacrifices for our country and at least teach them to take a moment to appreciate them.

To our educators, I hope this misrepresentation of our gallant soldiers will not be repeated, be a responsible educators.

Module DepEdCAR soldiers

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