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Kamikazee is in the House of Curry!

Kamikazee, a Pinoy Rock Band, visited Ranee House of Curry for lunch.

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Kamikazee with Ranee House of Curry Team
Kamikazee with Ranee House of Curry Team

Kamikazee's original band members, Jay Contreras (lead vocals), Jomal Linao (guitar and vocals), Led Tuyay (guitar), Puto Astete (bass), Bords Burdeos (drums), visited one of Baguio's rising local restaurants, Ranee House of Curry.

Photo from Kamikazee's FB page
Photo from Kamikazee's FB page

From left to right: Puto Astete, Jomal Linao, Jay Contreras, Led Tuyay, Bords Burdeos
From left to right: Puto Astete, Jomal Linao, Jay Contreras, Led Tuyay, Bords Burdeos

Kamikazee original members having lunch at Ranee House of Curry.
Kamikazee original members having lunch at Ranee House of Curry.

The band is set to tour abroad starting August till December this year, they visited Baguio to write new songs and to celebrate Jay's 44th birthday this coming Saturday. Like and follow their FB page, KamikazeeOfficial, and try to catch them this coming Saturday for Jay's birthday celebration.

As always, Jay being Maharot and Funny
As always, Jay being Maharot and Funny

Jay signing a guitar.
Jay signing a guitar.


Two of these awesome five, Bords and Puto, are already Baguio locals. Captivated by the cold weather, nature, and the people.

Im not an Igorot but I do love their culture and history, makes me proud to be a Filipino.

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