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Experience Baguio as a Creative City

Experience Baguio's creativity by interacting w/ local artists and crafters. Visit us at Pilak Silvercraft, just across the Baguio Botanical Garden.

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Watch us create our arts and crafts.

Baguio is famous because of it's weather and people's culture. But Baguio has something more to offer; Baguio is tagged by UNESCO as a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art. If you happen to be visiting the City of Pines, don't forget to visit and buy souvenirs at Pilak Silvercraft and Gift Shoppe; they sell crafted Pilak or Silvers that locally mined at Itogon Benguet and they also housed Baguio based artists and crafters.

Entrance of Pilak Silvercraft and Giftshoppe.

Here are some of the artists/crafters and their products:

Anti-self by Mark Tandoyog

Butatow, headed by Ron Dulay

Gallery ErGo by Ernie Ergo and Marge DC Gomez

Salt & Spice Dreamshop by Fatima Rosario

And if you're looking for refreshments or snacks, a homegrown restaurant also has a small kiosk setup in the Garden.

Ranee House of Curry pop-up kiosk.

Watch tourists and locals as they lined up to enter the Baguio Botanical Garden.

Pilak Silvercraft and Gift Shoppe is just across the Baguio Botanical Garden. Customer parking is available and walk-in guest are most welcome. No entrance fee and they encourage tourists and locals to watch them while they craft Pilak or Silvers that are locally mined.

Im not an Igorot but I do love their culture and history, makes me proud to be a Filipino.

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