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Expected Weather Conditions in Baguio City from January to December

What to expect on the weather conditions in Baguio City for the whole year.

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The summer capital of the Philippines is best known for its cool climate. Baguio City is often the destination for those who wish to experience cold weather, especially during the months when most of the country experiences scorching heat. Weather is indeed an important thing to consider, especially if you are thinking of moving to Baguio City. In that case, here are the expected weather conditions in Baguio City from January to December.

Weather Conditions in Baguio city from January to February Summer Season (February - May) As much as Baguio and the Cordillera Region typically have low temperatures, the high summer temperatures can be experienced here. While it is not as hot as it would be compared to the lowlands, Baguio's summer would make you want to either take your jacket off, wear a thinner one, or leave it completely. Unless you're planning to head out in the evening, though. Summer in Baguio is also, as expected, the time when tourists flock to the city because of the famed Flower Festival also known as the Panagbenga.

Rainy Season (June - September) From June to September, one can expect rain showers, cloudy and stormy weather conditions on a regular basis. Areas like Irisan and Green Valley are no strangers to this since it usually is like that in those areas, but during these months, rain showers are considerably stronger. Once you see dark clouds, know that you should always have an umbrella ready. It's during these times you have to make sure to bring an umbrella and to wear something that could help you stay warm.

Chilly Season (October - January) Finally, once October starts, expect the weather to get chilly. Foggy mornings will be commonplace and you might find the air quality to be thinner. Even if the sun is out, the breeze that comes would be quite cold. Don't let the sunshine confuse you- it will be cold. This is the best time to wear those winter-inspired outfits that you have. At night, make sure to use thick blankets and perhaps consider getting a warm drink before going to bed, too.

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