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Cordilleran Glee Club wins two gold medals in International Choir Festival

Cordillera choral group wins gold medals in the 8th Bali International Choir Festival, defeating 99 choral groups from all around the world.

The Cordillera Regional Science High School (CRSHS) Glee Club has won Gold medals in the 8th Bali International Choir Festival.

The Cordillera Regional Science High School (CRSHS) Glee Club from La Trinidad, Benguet is the winner of the Gold medal (Level 1) in the Teenagers Category and of another Gold medal (Level 4, Championship Qualifier) in the Folkloric Category in the 8th Bali International Choir Festival participated by 99 choral groups from all around the world held in Indonesia.

The CRSHS Glee Club is the first-ever high school choir from the Cordilleras that represented the Philippines in an international choral tilt.

In the Folkloric Championship Round, the group has acquired 81.65 points enabling them to amass an additional Gold medal from the competition. The group performed SOLERAM (An Indonesian Lullaby Folksong) arranged by Josu Elberdin.

The competitions were adjudged by 16 internationally acclaimed choral experts. 

Cordillera Regional Science High School (CRSHS) Glee Club wins gold medal in the 8th Bali International Choir Festival.

The Bali International Choral Society (BCIF) is a project involving various choir groups such as children's choir, youth choirs, and senior choirs. It is under several institutions, choral communities, schools, and churches from all over Indonesia and the world.

Founded by Mr. Tommyanto Kandisaputra in July 2000, it was envisioned to be a means to build a strong choral life in Indonesia. Aside from a choral competition, concerts, seminars, workshops, choral music camps, collaborations, choral clinics, and symposiums and also held by the organization.

The 8th annual choir symposium and competition event was organized by the Bandung Choral Society.

Source: Jayson Manuel L Osong

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