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The Untold History of Mt. Kalugong in La Trinidad, Benguet

Unlock the enchanting history of Mt. Kalugong in La Trinidad, Benguet, and unveil the hidden stories that have shaped this scenic landscape.

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Delve into the intricate history of Mt. Kalugong, a captivating gem in Benguet's crown. Unearth the enchanting stories that intricately weave the tapestry of this scenic landscape nestled in La Trinidad. Photo: Shane Mercy

The Distinctive Identity of Mount Kalugong

Mount Kalugong, situated in La Trinidad, Benguet, boasts a remarkable hat-shaped rock at its summit, locally referred to as "kalugong." This geological marvel silently oversees the expansive views of the "Salad Bowl of the Philippines" and the flower gardens below.

A mesmerizing snapshot of Mt. Kalugong, where history unfolds amidst La Trinidad's beauty.

Unearthing the Cultural Roots: "Tayawan" and the Ibalois' Dance

In the historical tapestry of La Trinidad, Mount Kalugong was originally known as "tayawan," a term denoting a place specifically designated for the Ibalois' cultural dance, "tayao." Gongs and drums echoed from its heights, establishing it as a dedicated space for the vibrant celebrations and cultural revelry associated with the "tayao" dance.

A peaceful moment unfolds at Mt. Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet. Let the soothing beauty of nature transport you to a serene escape.

A Puzzling Gathering: Gongs, Flames, and Ancestral Revelry in Mt. Kalugong's Past

Legend has it that the mountain once resonated with the sound of gongs, accompanied by swirling flames and rising smoke. Intrigued, two old men ventured to the summit, discovering a spirited gathering of men and women joyously dancing "tayao." Rice wine, known locally as "tapey," was generously shared in coconut shell bowls, referred to as "kawil."

Embrace the scenic beauty of Mt. Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet. A serene view that captivates the essence of this natural wonder.

Ancestral Encounter: Anitos in Celebration on Mount Kalugong

To the surprise of the two old men, the revelers turned out to be harmless anitos, ancestral spirits, caught in eternal celebration. The festivities, however, ceased before World War II, leaving locals pondering the mysterious disappearance of their ancestral neighbors.

Fading Memories and the Limestone Legacy: Mount Kalugong's Historical Imprint

As years passed, the memory of "tayawan" gradually faded. Some speculate that the anitos transformed into the tangible limestone rock formations adorning Mount Kalugong, serving as silent witnesses to a bygone era.

Mesmerizing simplicity in this shot of Mt. Kalugong, capturing the quiet beauty that defines La Trinidad's natural grace.

The Lingering Mystery: Vanishing Revelry on Mount Kalugong

The narrative of Mount Kalugong leaves behind a lingering mystery. What happened to the ancestral gathering that once graced its summit with lively celebrations? The answer remains elusive, adding intrigue to the history of this captivating mountain.

Embracing the Enchantment: Mount Kalugong's Historical Significance

In conclusion, Mount Kalugong's tale is more than a geological wonder; it's a narrative that weaves together cultural heritage, folklore, and the passage of time. As visitors gaze upon the hat-shaped rock and limestone formations, they become part of a continuum, connecting with the rich history and enigmatic legacy of La Trinidad's beloved Mount Kalugong. Explore this unique landmark and immerse yourself in the captivating history that unfolds with every step, alongside the echoes of gongs, the swirl of flames, and the taste of local tapey served in kawil bowls made from coconut shells.

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