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7 Things You Didn't Know About the Awesome Igloos of Suyoc, Mankayan

Uncover the secrets of Suyoc, Mankayan's igloos, and delve into seven captivating facts about these extraordinary structures.

Marvel at the ingenuity of the Igorot people as they redefine igloos, crafting them from cement and concrete, a testament to their adaptability and creativity. Photo: Kate Cabinta

Forget the snow and Eskimos, prepare to be amazed by the incredible igloos of Suyoc, Mankayan, Benguet! These cool constructions are more than meets the eye, and we've got the inside scoop!

Let's dive into the ice-cool facts:

Photo: Win Castro

1. Innovative Craftsmanship, Concrete Coolness Unleashed

Forget snow and Eskimos; Suyoc, Mankayan, boasts igloos crafted with a tropical twist - using cement and concrete. A modern marvel that's breaking the traditional ice.

Photo: Malin Cubalit

2. Double Trouble Igloos, Still in the Frosty Oven

Suyoc proudly showcases not one, but two evolving igloos. Construction might have kicked off when flip phones were a thing, but here we are in 2023, and the chill construction party is still ongoing.

Photo: Töt BädëCäô

3. Suyoc's Igloos: Where Frost Meets History

Picture Liten, Palasaan, barangay Suyoc, Mankayan, as the cool host to these igloo wonders. Friendly faces, breathtaking views, and a history deeper than a snowbank. Fun fact: This area is part of the historical barangay Suyoc, allegedly home to the infamous "Maura," sent to the US for a human zoo. Now that's some chilling history.

4. Igorot Craftsmanship: Igloos and Rice Terraces - A Cool Connection

Ever heard of the rice terraces in the Cordillera region? Well, Suyoc's igloos are like their stylish cousins. Igorot artisans are taking the same building style into the limelight, blending tradition with innovation. It's a family reunion where structures swap construction tips. Who knew buildings had family ties?

Photo: Rubia Bilag

5. Eco-Friendly Igloos: Handcrafted Sustainability in Every Block

These aren't just your run-of-the-mill igloos - they're handcrafted with love. Skilled hands, local materials, and traditional techniques are the stars of the show. The construction plan might take a detour, but it's not just about building; it's a love affair with the environment.

6. Not Your Average Tourist Spot: Keep It Chill, It's Not Meant for Tourists

While these igloos are a spectacle, they're not gearing up to be your typical tourist attraction. This is private property, and visitors are requested to respect the local vibe. No entry is permitted for picnics, drinking, or littering. Let's keep the cool environment both inside and outside the igloos.

Photo: Butch San Buenaventura Mendizabal

7. Suyoc's Bounty: A Gold and Veggie Haven

Did you know Suyoc is a mine site for both gold and vegetables? It's a unique blend of natural treasures, where the earth yields both sparkling riches and hearty greens.


The igloos in Suyoc aren't just frozen wonders; they're a living example of tradition, creativity, and a touch of winter magic right in the heart of Mankayan. As these cool constructions keep growing, they invite curious minds to explore.

Ready to discover the secrets of Suyoc's evolving igloos? Stay tuned, grab your mittens, and get ready for a journey beyond bricks and mortar. In the space where Igorot craftsmanship meets innovation, each block tells a story of love for the environment and a deep connection to the roots.

Important Note: These igloos are situated on private property. Respect the local community by refraining from picnics, alcohol consumption, and littering. Embrace environmental awareness as you witness the ongoing tale of Suyoc's unique igloos. ❄️🏠

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